Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Terrelle Pryor: What about the children?

Notrhwestern blog Lake the Posts had an interesting observation on Terrelle Pryor and Ohio State, along with the general state of the current era in sports.

"What an absolute mess. The next generation is going to need a decoder ring (or an App) to figure out which records are still standing between baseball’s steroid error, cycling’s doping epidemic and now college football fraud. I really think it is still going to take a couple more Ohio State-like and USC-like scandals to push this thing over the cliff and invite true reform with teeth.  When that day comes, we’re poised to really be in pretty good shape."

I'm usually a little cynical whenever someone brings up "the next generation or "the kids" in any subject, but Lake the Posts has a point. Future commentators are going to have a field day looking back at the levels of cheating and corruption, and trying to figure out why things happened the way they did.

What is the next generation going to think? It's probably going to look back at how sports was changed by the ever-evolving information age and the media platforms created in its wake. It will also obviously look at the influx of money into sports as a result of that. It's going to find athletes whose desire to achieve greatness was easily manipulated by their desire for fame and wealth.

Of course the big question they'll ask will probably be what we as a whole did in reaction to that. Did we continue to let things spin out of control until permanent damage was done, or did we put on the brakes in some areas to rectify the situation? Or did we finally realize that we had to alter our perceptions that certain ideas about amateurism and the use of performance enhancing drugs were just not realistic?

Being in the first generation or two of an age means that you are living in what is pretty much uncharted territory. How you handle it is what future generations will back on and see how or why things succeeded or failed. What is sure is that sports as we know it will either change and adapt to the world around it, or will things all come crashing down.

(via Lake the Posts)

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