Monday, June 6, 2011

Ohio State coaching search silliness: Derek Dooley a Buckeye candidate?

It isn't quite time for the Volunteer Nation to panic just yet. In fact, it's probably just wishful from a blogger. Ohio blogger Roger Brown has placed Tennessee head football coach Derek Dooley on his short list for replacements for Jim Tressel for Ohio State. In fact, His Hairness is listed in the number two spot behind Iowa's Kirk Ferentz at number one, but ahead of perennial  coaching dreamboat Chris Petersen of Boise State. (Just so the SEC readers know, Les Miles gets a nod at number 4).

This honestly has to have a zero chance of happening. Ohio State won't be making any hiring decisions until after the season is over, obviously. And if the NCAA does drop the banhammer, it's going to be hard to get a coach from a either a big-time program or an rising star program to make the jump.

For another thing, part of Dooley's image is being the anti-Lane Kiffen. And you just can't do that if you actually pull a Lane Kiffen, even after two seasons down the road. Plus, Dooley's has what is potentially an SEC championship team in a season or two, and it's honestly a hair above dark horse this year. He has a potential Heisman winner in star quarterback Tyler Bray (yes, I said the "H" word), and a tremendous chance into blossoming into en elite SEC coach. 

It will probably take a lot for Dooley to leave Tennessee on his own in the next few seasons. If the Vols have a great 2011, it will mean he won't be going anywhere for at least the next four or five years. Even an attempt by UGA to bring him back home probably won't work by then. Dooley's a rising star in the coaching circles right now. He's not going to mess things up by leaving Tennessee.

(via The Junkyard with Roger Brown. HT: Knoxville News Sentinel)

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