Wednesday, June 22, 2011

JoePa Day in Pennsylvania?

Penn State head football coach may be receiving a big honor. The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has a bill in front of it calling for September 3, 2011  to be declared "Coach Paterno Day" in honor of Joe Pa. The resolution states the following.

"Encouraging The Pennsylvania State University to appropriately recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of football coach Joseph Vincent “Joe” Paterno, affectionately known by fans as “Joe Pa,” for his 62 years of service to The Pennsylvania State University students and athletes and to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; and recognizing September 3, 2011, as “Coach Paterno Day” in Pennsylvania."

Sept. 3, of course, is the anniversary of when Europeans first entered the region Pennsylvania, and were greeted by there by JoePa.

Of course, how do celebrate Coach Paterno Day? Have a "Party in the USA," of course.

Penn State, you're never going to live that moment down. Never.

(via ESPN)

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