Friday, June 10, 2011

Joe Paterno is going on a Skype hunt for recruits.

Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno, of all people is pioneering the use of Skype to recruit players. Yes, the idea that JoePa is using technology invented after 1960 as a recruiting tool is more mind blowing than the fact that Nick Cannon married Mariah Carey, and is the father of her twins. (It still boggles my mind how in the heck that happened.) But stranger things have happened in Happy Valley.

"Several media outlets have reported that the 84-year-old Penn State Hall of Fame coach has had face-to-face conversations with a three igh school recruits via Skype, an online Internet service that allows you to see a person on a webcam and talk to them."

It going to be even more mind-boggling when we look back twenty years from now and realize that JoePa will be the one responsible for NCAA regulations regarding the use of Skype in recruiting, if not the outright banning of it. Who would have ever thought that would have happened?

(via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

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