Friday, June 3, 2011

Central Arkansas tries to out-Boise State Boise State.

There are two ways an aspiring college football program which seeks to become the next Boise State. One is to put together a program that excels on the field can even win one from the BCS powerhouse schools once in a while. The other is to install a mind-numbingly garish colored football field turf in your stadium. Central Arkansas has decided to do the latter.

In fact, Central Arkansas seems to have one-upped Boise State by not only going for the non-traditional not-green turf, but by going with a purple and gray-striped gridiron. One can only expect on how the old guard of Central Arkansas alumni feels about this. What is most discomforting is that you know some other school is going to try to top Central Arkansas with their own variation of the theme. And you thought the SEC bronze statue craze was ban. This could possibly get out of hand sooner than you think.

(via Kegs 'N Eggs)

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