Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bill Stewart is an ex-Mountaneer coach.

Bill Self has resigned as head football coach at West Virginia. This after a debacle of a week only slightly less embarrassing as Rep. Anthony Weiner's. He will be replaced by Dana Holgorsen, West Virginia's offensive coordinator and "coach in waiting" Dana Holgorsen.

"Stewart resigned Friday during a meeting with Luck, clearing the way for Holgorsen’s promotion and capping a tumultuous two weeks in which both Holgorsen and Stewart made headlines for the wrong reasons.

An intoxicated Holgorsen was escorted out of a casino last month, although no charges were filed. More recently, a reporter said Stewart had approached him shortly after Holgorsen’s hiring to “dig up” dirt on his eventual successor.

During a news conference in Morgantown, both Holgorsen and Luck tried to sidestep questions about the issues that had gotten the university plenty of media attention. Luck said the recent developments had to be addressed."

If anything, the Bill Stewart situation ought to be a teaching lesson to college athletic directors that maybe this "coach in waiting" isn't such a brilliant idea after all. West Virginia should have had the sense to fire Stewart in the first place, instead of going through a series of convoluted hoops to replace him in a year's time.


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