Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Stephen Garcia, Derek Dooley, and more.

He's Baaaack! 
Stephen Garcia has been allowed to take part in voluntary South Carolina summer practices. (ESPN)

Spring forward. 
It's time for the SEC spring meetings in Destin, Fl. (Mr. SEC)
"SEC schools not afraid to spend to win."
Because John Adams says so. (Go Vols Xtra)

Size Matters.
Tennessee head football coach Derek Dooley believes coaching staff sizes should be increased to handle growing off-the-field issues. (ESPN)

Rolling in the dough.
Mississippi State on the gridiron success is resulting in a windfall in fundraising.  (ChuckOliver.net)

Big Tentacles: Jim Tressel fallout edition.

(Big Tentacles is the SWRT look at the Big Ten and the schools it not-so-secretly covets.)    

"The Real Jim Tressel" had to go.
Because Michael Rosenberg said so. (Detroit Free Press)

When it rains, it pours.
The NCAA and Ohio State are looking into allegations regarding alleged "benefits" received by suspended Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor. And this time, they're serious about investigating him. (Columbus Dispatch.)

No One Here Gets Out Alive.
The new investigation is a good sign that Pryor's playing days at Ohio State may be over. (Eleven Warriors)

Denial is not a river in Egypt.
Eleven Warriors blogger Johnny looks at the already-infamous Sports Illustrated article on Tresselgate by writer George Dohrmann, and is sharply critical of it. (Eleven Warriors)

Scavenger Hunt.
Expect Michigan, Michigan State, and Notre Dame to reap the benefits from the Ohio State fallout on the recruiting trail. (Detroit Free Press)

Place Your Bets.
The betting lines are already out on who will become Ohio State head football coach after this season. Apparently interim Buckeye head coach Luke Fickell is given zero chance of keeping the job. (Sorry Bro: Sports Through Houser)

Include Me Out.
Urban Meyer says he's not interested in the Ohio State job. At least not now. (ESPN. HT: Alligator Army)

The Sorcerer's (Ex-)Apprentice.
Meanwhile, Meyer's former apprentice Utah head football Kyle Whittingham has speculation thrust upon him regarding the future job opening in Columbus. (Block U)

Take a look around. 
Luke Fickell should look at the careers of former Michigan head football coach Lloyd Carr and current Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald when it comes to suddenly being handed the reins of a Big Ten program as an interim head football coach. Especially if he wants to wind up getting the gig full time. (Along the Olentangy)

And how are Michigan fans taking the news?
How do you think? (Wolverine Liberation Army)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sports Illustrated's Tressel investigation unleashed on the internet.

It's been talked about for a while, and now it's here. George Dohrmann's Sports Illustrated story on alleged NCAA rules violations during the Jim Tressel coaching era at Ohio State. Obviously, Tressel's registration/firing caused a rewrite or two today. But it's beginning to sound like Ohio State's troubles may be just beginning.

Big Teneacles: A couple of Big Ten Memorial Day links.

Hope you've had a good Memorial Day so far. Here are a couple of Big-Ten related links to remind you the real reason why he take time to celebrate today.

Black Heart Gold Pants takes time to honor Nile Kinnick, Iowa Quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner, and whom Kinnick Stadium is named after. He served with the US Navy in World War II. He died during a training flight off the Venezuelan coast in 1943.

Hammer and Rails remembers Army Captain Kevin Landeck, a Purdue student who was killed by an IED while serving in Iraq. 

Jim Tressel resigns Ohio State head coaching job.

So much for a slow news day. ESPN is reporting that embattled Ohio State head football coach Jim Tressel has turned in his resignation.

"After meeting with university officials, we agreed that it is in the best interest of Ohio State that I resign as head football coach," Tressel said in a statement Monday morning. "The appreciation that Ellen and I have for the Buckeye Nation is immeasurable." 

Tressel's assistant Luke Fickell has been given the nod to take over the Buckeye's head football coaching job for the 2011 season. Fickell had previously been selected to fill in for Tressel during his five game suspension.

Be ready for a lot of chatter about Tressel's replacement, including talk of Urban Meyer getting the nod. 

(via ESPN)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Big Tentacles: Sunday quick hits.

The "NCAA won't leash its full wrath on Ohio State."
Because Drew Sharp says so. Shut up, Drew. (Detroit Free Press)

Waaaaariors, come out and  play!
Hawaii is talking to both Wisconsin and Notre Dame for home-at-home series. (Honolulu Star-Advertiser)

Fore Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.
Golfing with Wisconsin head men's basketball coach Bo Ryan and head football coach Bret Bielema. (Chicago Tribune)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Expansion Silliness returns: Georgia Tech and Maryland to the Big Ten?

Just when you think all of the serious expansion talk involving the Big Ten had died down, along comes The Boston Globe with this little gem hidden in an article about the Big East's future:

"There may be more trouble coming for the Big East if the Big Ten decides to move forward again in a few years; already there are rumblings that it might go to 14 teams, with an eye on Georgia Tech and Maryland, which would significantly increase its television footprint."

Georgia Tech and Maryland? Seriously? When it comes to football (and like it or not, football is guiding the expansion process) neither school can truly be called a blockbuster program. And neither one is really going to truly open up markets for the Big Ten. Georgia Tech is lucky if can steal headlines from Georgia on a good day; and when it does, it usually involves a coach being fired. As for Maryland, it's slowly losing any relevance it had as a football team, while fellow in-state school Navy is once again on the rise.

(And just for argument's sake, if the Big Ten seriously wanted a basketball school with a football problem, it ought to go after Kansas, which truly would make Big Ten basketball a bigger deal than it is now. Imagine seeing Michigan State vs. Kansas at least twice a year. Excited?)

It's doubtful that the Big Ten is so itching to expand right now that it would be to undermine a fellow BCS conference's stability. At least a fellow BCS conference not named the Big East that is (which barely counts these days). Nebraska's joining the conference happened at the right place at the right time. The only school the Big Ten would truly pounce upon given the chance is Notre Dame, which doesn't seem to be happening any time soon.

Just file this story under "The voices in your head don't count as reliable sources" category until further notice.

(via The Boston Globe. HT: Black Heart Gold Pants)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Tate Forcier reportedly hospitalized after incident with police in April.

Grand Rapids, Mich. station WOOD is reporting on an incident in April involving former Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier. The station reports Forcier was found hanging out of a window of his girlfriend's apartment building by Grand Rapid police officers.

"Tate Forcier, who quit the football team earlier this year, had locked himself in a bedroom of a third-floor apartment April 22, and was hanging out the window, the report states.

A woman in the apartment complex, in the 100 block of South Division Avenue, called Grand Rapids police.

No one will say whether this was a suicide attempt, but the police report states the woman who called was concerned Forcier would jump from the window.

Officers were able to get Forcier to open the bedroom door. He was not arrested, but transported to a hospital."

There's been no further word about the situation, or how long Forcier was allegedly hospitalized.

Forcier's been admittedly a target around here, but this story isn't very humorous. Hopefully things have or are being resolved at the moment in Forcier's life. And if you feel like you're in a tough situation or are feeling distraught enough to harm yourself, please find someone to talk to and/or seek professional help.

(via WOOD, HT: Lost Lettermen)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dancing in the Ruins: An unhealthy amount of Pac-12 and Big 10-related stories, and...Steel Jantz?

(Dancing in the Ruins is SWRT's look at the Big XII Conference...or at least what's left of it.)  

Yo, I'm taking a survey.
A poll by ESPN Big XII blogger David Ubben has Arizona and Arizona State as the most popular choices for Big XII expansion targets, if the conference ever decides to do so. (ESPN)

What could the Big XII learn from the Big 10?
Uh, just about everything. (Clone Chronicles)

"Who is Steel Jantz?"
Actually, he's a JUCO transfer quarterback to Iowa State. Black Heart Gold Pants' guesses are a little more interesting. As for SWRT, he's out nominee for the 2012 Name of the Year tournament. (Black heart Gold Pants

Our other NoTY nominee?
Olu Ashaolu, a basketball recruit who just chose Oregon over Texas. (Burnt Orange Nation)

The OSU dilemma.
Cowboys Ride for Free asks in the wake of the escalating scandals at Ohio State if it is time for Oklahoma State should find some initials other than "OSU" to identify itself with. (Cowboys Ride for Free

Just a reminder...
West Virginia offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen, who recently ran into some trouble in a West Virginia casino, used to be the OC at Oklahoma State. (The Oklahoman)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Big Tentacles: Tyler Moeller, Russell Wilson, Penn State, and more.

(Big Tentacles is the SWRT look at the Big Ten and the schools it not-so-secretly covets.)     

I've looked at life from both sides now?
Ohio State linebacker Tyler Moeller is recovering quite well from an injured pectoral muscle, and could wind up playing on both the offense and defense next season. (The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)

War Badger?
Even with a reported visit to Auburn, former North Carolina State quarterback Russell Wilson hasn't quite written out going to Wisconsin just yet. (Wisconsin State Journal)

A Few Small Repairs.
Penn State is planning to spruce up Beaver Stadium with new scoreboards and wireless accessibility. (The Patriot News)

Supply and demand.
Tickets to Iowa home football games at Kinnick Stadium are beginning to get hard to come by. (Hawk Central)

A Sort of Homecoming.
The starting time for Michigan's Oct. 29 homecoming game against Purdue has been set for noon. (Detroit Free Press)

A Sort of Homecoming, Part Deux.
Meanwhile, Northwestern's recent success is resulting in it not being scheduled for opponent's homecoming. (Lake the Posts)

Mike Blakely reportedly transferring to Auburn. Will tate Forcier join him?

Like you didn't think I wouldn't use this image.
There are reports that ex-Florida running back Mike Blakely had decided to transfer to Auburn. It also appears that Auburn might be the landing spot for a somewhat big-time transfer in college football circles in one Tate Forcier. The former Michigan quarterback is looking at the school along with some others, after deciding not to transfer to Miami.

 "I'm looking into Auburn," Forcier said. "I'm definitely interested in USC, San Diego State, Montana, Kansas State and University of San Diego. I have to lay everything out and figure out my visits."

Forcier also mentioned wanting to stay closer to his home in San Diego, CA. So a school nearly half a continent away might not exactly what he's looking for. (Then again, geography might not be Forcier's strongest subject.) And to be perfectly honest, a QB who sometimes looks like he's halfway ready to transform into Puck Puckerman from Glee at any moment (see photo on left) might not exactly be what Auburn is looking for, either. Texas A&M's Aggie Spirit, however...

(via ChuckOliver.net, ESPN, Lonely Tailgater)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Your Freudian Nightmare of the Night: Star Wars meets Guns N' Roses

To quote Dr. Clayton Forrester, "There's no use describing this. It just is."

(HT: Lord Simian over at The Outhouse)

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Russell Wilson, South Carolina, John Calipari, and more.

(Covering Dixie Like Mildew is the SWRT roundup of SEC news, with the occasional pesky Southern school from another conference.)  

Just Visiting.
Former North Carolina State quarterback Russell Wilson reportedly paid a visit to Auburn on Tuesday. (al.com)

Easy Living? 
Alabama will face an easier 2011 season with only four opponents coming off bye weeks. Because Pat Dooley says so, Shut up, Pat. (Gainesville Sun)

The Skeptical Inquirer. 
Spencer Hall looks at South Carolina's chances to win the SEC in 2011, but all he sees is South Carolina. (SB Nation)

Nothing's Shocking.
Georgia's depth chart has few surprises. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Meet Ray Drew.
Mark Weizer interviewed incoming Georgia  recruit Ray Drew (outside linebacker), who will be wearing the no. 47 made famous by David Pollack. (Athens Banner-Herald)

The Bronze Age.
Looking at the statue craze in the SEC. (The Times-Picayune)

"A Peek Into John Calipari's Soul."
John Calipari has a soul? (A Sea of Blue)

Joe Namath surveys tornado damage and recovery efforts in Tuscaloosa.

Legendary Alabama and New York Jets quarterback  Joe Namath returned to his Tuscaloosa collegiate days' stomping grounds to tour the damage caused by the tornadoes that hit the city in April, and to survey the rebuilding efforts in the area. He was accompanied by the Mayor of Tuscaloosa, Walt Maddox.

"It's very difficult," Namath said standing in front of what once was the elementary school's entrance. "I'm just astounded at what I've seen as far as destruction goes, but certainly enthused because of the people's effort so far. And I know we will be there continuously after this. It's easy to talk about doing things and getting things straight, but it's awful time-consuming. You can't quite relate to what effort it's taken the people of Tuscaloosa to get together and help out." 

"My heart just aches for the folks that have suffered so dramatically. But we need to stay positive."

(via Huntsville Times)

Les Miles is on a boat.

(Photo Via Sports by Brooks)

Courtesy of Sports by Brooks, here's probably the last thing on Earth you ever wanted to see - Les Miles shirtless.* It's certainly not the first thing I want to see when I click onto the Internet in the morning. What's even more disturbing is that the Mad Hatter looks like he had been partaking in some manscaping at the time. This pic is a few years old, taken on a LSU booster's boat called "Tiger Bait." (Insert Charlie Sheen joke here). Well, who else would let a shirtless Les Miles on their water craft?

(via Sports by Brooks)

*(Well, okay, Steve Spurrier shirtless is much worse. But the fact that Les Miles looks reasonably fit in this pic is a Freudian nightmare to no end.)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Is Texas A&M home to college football's six-man tag team champions?

Rivals.com's Mike Huguenin came up with his list of the twelve best offensive trios in college football. He calls them "triplets," but I like to be a little more macho around here and calls them "college football six-man tag team champions." In what could come as a surprise to some, Texas A&M's team of quarterback Ryan Tannehill, running back Cyrus Gray, and wide reciever Jeff Fuller come out on top ahead of higher-profile teams like Oregon (tied for twelfth with Stanford), Oklahoma (fifth), and Ohio State (second). His reasoning?

"A&M was on this list last season - but with a different quarterback. Jarrod Johnson ended up losing his job to Tannehill midway through last season, and A&M really took off after that. Gray shared carries with Christine Michael last season, and they will do so again this season. It wouldn't be a surprise to see those two combine for around 2,000 yards. Fuller is overshadowed in the Big 12 by Blackmon and Broyles, but he still is one of the top 10 receivers nationally. He is coming off a 72-catch, 1,066-yard, 12-TD performance in 2010."

Texas A&M surprised many last year by nabbing a one-third share of the Big XII South title last year.  Whether it can build on this next year will have to be seen. And Tannehill, Gray, and Fuller will probably have to develop more as both individuals and as a unit if the Aggies want to jump ahead of Oklahoma, which is projected by many as being in the BCS title game.

(via Rivals.com)

Tim Tebow with Bono? Tim Tebow with Bono.

Christendom's favorite QB with a singer who thinks he's...nah, I don't want to go there after dodging the bullet with the apocalypse this weekend.  Just enjoy this pic of His Tebowness and His Bononess taken backstage at U2's concert in Denver this past weekend.

(via Nick Every Blog)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Unquiet on the Western Front: Stanford, Arizona State, and Air Force.

(Unquiet on the Western Front is SWRT's look at the Pac-12, WAC, Mountain West, and other West Coast/Rocky Mountain schools extravaganza.)  

Tree vs. Leprechauns.
Stanford and Notre Dame agree to continue their rivalry through 2019. (Rule of Tree

Give 'till it hurts.
Arizona State's Sun Devil Club is looking to raise funds to help keep ASU competitive in college athletics. (The Arizona Republic)

Air Force is the 30th best team in the country.
Because Phil Steele says so. (Mountain West Connection)

Big Tentacles: Nebraska, Iowa, and oh yeah, Joe Paterno is old.

The Big Ten's idea of giving extra money to athletes is a bad idea.
Because Drew Sharp said so. Shut up, Drew. (Detroit Free Press

Supply and demand. 
Nebraska supporters wanting to see the Huskers on the road for the team's first year in the Big Ten are going to find it hard to get tickets for the away games. (Big Red Today)

Indiana will night game at home against Virginia on Sept. 10.
Because there is nothing like mediocrity during prime time. (The Crimson Quarry

'Round, 'round, get around, I get around.
An Iowa Hawkeyes blogger round table. (Fight for Iowa)

Cool Michigan-related licensee plate ideas. 
Obviously, RICHROD and FORCIER aren't on the list. (Maize n Brew)
Off Tackle Empire's Penn State Week finally got around to Joe Paterno being old comments. (Off Tackle Empire)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Nick Saban, Tyler Bray, and more.

Giving back to the community.
Alabama head football coach Nick Saban's foundation, Nick's Kids, is donating $50,000 to a group called Project Team Up which seeks to rebuild communities hit by the tornadoes that hit Alabama this spring. (al.com)

Instant Karma.
ChuckOliver.net's Chris Martin looks at the five Tennessee "Newcomers Who Need to Make Instant Impact." (ChuckOliver.net)

The Comfort Zone.
Meanwhile, Tennessee offensive coordinator says he's "comfortable" with the the development of the Vols' star quarterback, Tyler Bray. (Chattanooga Times-Free Press)

Things Can Only Get Better.
"Arkansas Counting On Best Days Being Ahead For (Bobby)Petrino, Razorback Football." Because Chris Bahn says so. Shut up, Chris. (Arkansas Sports 360)

Definitely Maybe.
South Carolina head football coach Steve Spurrier says that Stephen Garcia "will probably maybe be given another chance if he behaves himself the way he should.”  It sounds like Spurrier is giving Garcia a lot of rope there. (ChuckOliver.net)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Image of Michigan "retro" jersey is leaked to the media.

The image on the left shows what the Detroit Free Press claims is an Adidas prototype of the "retro" jersey the Michigan Wolverines will be wearing when they face Notre Dame in the first-ever night game held at Michigan Stadium. The Fighting Irish is reported to be equipped with helmets emblazoned with shamrocks.

Conjecture by Matt Hinton is that the jersey is based on one by Michigan in the 19th century, which was apparently sleeveless with a long-sleeved striped shirt underneath. This modernized version has striped short sleeves, of course. This doesn't  completely eliminate the nightmare scenario that Adidas will combine this jersey with a maize and blue-striped long sleeved compression shirt. Be afraid, Wolverine Nation, be very afraid.

(via Detroit Free Press, Dr. SaturdayRivals.com)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oklahoma linebacker Austin Box pronounced dead in hospital.

Thoughts and prayers go out to the family, friends, coaches and teammates of Oklahoma linebacker Austin Box, who was pronounced dead in an Oklahoma City hospital after he was found unconscious earlier on Thursday. He has just been awarded his college degree last week.

(via The Oklahoman)

Big Tentacles: Ron Zook, Pat Fitzgerald, Brady Hoke, and more.

(Big Tentacles is the SWRT look at the Big Ten and the schools it not-so-secretly covets.)  

 It's gettin' hot in here.
With  Illinois athletic director Ron Guenther retiring,  Ron Zook's continued employment as Fighting Illini head football coach might be in jeopardy. (Rivals.com)

Video Daily Double.
ESPN's Adam Rittenberg interviews Northwestern head football coach Pat Fitzgerald at the Big Ten spring meetings. (ESPN)

Night Moves.
Michigan's road trip to Northwestern on Oct. 8 will be a night game with a start at 8:00 P.M. (Detroit Free Press)

Jim Tressel says Brady Hoke is "awesome."
Can only lead one place: Hoke's head photoshopped head on The Miz's body. (Detroit Free Press)

Credit where credit is due. 
Michigan head football coach Brady Hoke gives the credit to Michigan's recruiting success to his coaching staff. (Detroit Free Press)

The Big Ten championship game should be played in an outdoor stadium.
Because Dan Wetzel saiy so. Shut up, Dan. (Rivals.com)

How You Remind Me.
If constant failure in football wasn't bad enough, Indiana has to deal with the fact that cult leader Jim Jones, responsible for the Jonestown mass suicide of 900 of his followers, was a Hoosier alum. (EDSBS)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Will Muschamp, Mark Richt, Phil Fulmer, and more.

(Covering Dixie Like Mildew is the SWRT roundup of SEC news, with the occasional pesky Southern school from another conference.)  

L.A. Law (Lower Alabama, that is).
Accused Toomer's Corner tree poisioner Harvey Updyke has been  indicted on charges involved with the incident. (ESPN)

L.A. Law, Part Deux.
The four former Auburn players arrested for armed robbery have also been indicted on charged of their alleged misdeeds. (al.com)

Florida head football Will Muschamp coach responds to critics of his friendship with FSU head football coach Jimbo Fisher by saying "who?" (The Gainesville Sun)

Phil Fulmer talks about his role as an on-air college football analyst for CBS, and life after coaching Tennessee football. (The Tennessean)

How Far We've Come.
Chris Low looks at the coaching changes in the SEC since Mark Richt took the reins as Georgia's head football coach in 2001. (ESPN)

Big Tentacles:Pat Fitzgerald, Jim Tressel's lawyer, Adam Robinson, and more.

(Big Tentacles is the SWRT look at the Big Ten and the schools it not-so-secretly covets.)  

Pat Fitzgerald "works at Northwestern"
Because Brett McMurphy said so. (CBS Sports)

Meet Jim Tressel's lawyer. 
Gene Marsh, the lawyer representing Ohio State head football coach Jim Tressel in front of the NCAA Committee on Infractions , is profiled by the Columbus Dispatch. Buckeye fans will probably not be pleased that he worked with Michigan when it faced the committee last year. (Columbus Dispatch)

A Hawkeye no more.
Troubled Iowa running back Adam Robinson is leaving the program. (Black Heart Gold Pants)

A Nittany Lion no more. 
Defensive tackle Brandon Ware announces his plan to transfer from Penn State. (PennLive.com)

Blue Heart, Maize Pants?
Maize n Brew tries to do a little piece of Black Heart Gold Pants-style insanity with Michigan head football coach Brady Hoke and athletic director Dave Brandon. (Maize n Brew)

Does Indiana need a mascot? 
Indiana needs a rebuilding plan for its football and men's basketball teams first. (Indianapolis Star)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Bobby Lowder, Cam Newton's pants, the College Football of Fame, and more.

(Covering Dixie Like Mildew is the SWRT roundup of SEC news, with the occasional pesky Southern school from another conference.) 

Taking a stand for what's right. 
A profile of Alabama State Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh, who blocked the approval Bobby Lowder's renomination to Auburn's Board of Trustees in the Alabama Legislature. (Track "Em Tigers)

Auburn football is better because of Bobby Lowder.
Because Kevin Scarbinsky said so. Shut up, Kevin. (al.com)

Hand me your pants. 
Auburn is auctioning off the pants Cam Newton while helping the Tigers win the 2010 season BCS championship game. (Dr. Saturday)

Arlington or bust.
LSU sells 37,000 tickets to its Cowboys Classic showdown against Oregon on September 3. (The Times-Picayune

A slight hiccup at Georgia.
Georgia recruit Devin Bowman's plans to enroll in June at UGA are put on hold after he fails to pass the English portion of the Georgia High School Graduation Test. (ChuckOliver.net)

Hall of Fame Monsters. 
Carlos Alvarez (wide reciever, Florida), Marty Lyons (defensive tackle, Alabama),and Georgia DB Jake Scott (defensive back, Georgia) are the SEC players selected to be inducted in the College Football Hall of Fame's Class of 2011. (al.com)

Vanderbilt - It's Australian for failure.
It's Vanderbilt week at Team Speed Kills. Hurray mediocrity! (Team Speed Kills)

Midnight Confessions.
Chadd Scott asked his twitter followers for their "College Football Confessions." Yours truly has one down in there somewhere. (ChuckOliver.net)

And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead (left behind by our mascots). 
The Rubber Chickens rank South Carolina opponents by the "ferocity" of their "mascots." Navy comes in first because of Seal Team Six. Somebody should remind Navy of the good old days when Jim Rome used to call Steve Spurrier a terrorist. (The Rubber Chickens)

Your Ricky Stanzi "America, Love It or Leave It!" Moment of the Day: Patroitic Alligators

Alligators that apparently sing to Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA." This is why America is better than any other country. Because no other country would ever thing of training alligators to do something like this for fun and profit.  

If they do this to "God Bless the USA," imagine how they'd react to the Team America theme song

The genius behind this is Cold Blooded Creatures. They'll even bring some of their reptilian friends for your special event.

(via EDSBS)

Auburn's Onterio McCalebb arrested.

Another Auburn player has been arrested on vehicle-related charges. Running back  Onterio McCalebb was arrested on charges of driving an "unregistered vehicle." It does seem that the vehicle was his, though, as opposed to the one four Auburn players were accused of stealing earlier this year, which broke the Fulmer Cup.
McCalebb was also "unable to provide a valid driver's license," which sounds more like something a Georgia player would do.

(via CBS Sports)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bobby Lowder takes name out of consideration to remain on Auburn Board of Trustees.

Infamous Auburn  athletics booster Bobby Lowder has apparently thrown in the towel on his fight to keep his spot as a member of the Auburn University Board of Trustees.

"Auburn University trustee Bobby Lowder called Gov. Robert Bentley today and asked that he not be considered for another term on the university's board, Bentley spokeswoman Rebekah Mason said.

''Bobby Lowder spoke with the governor today by telephone and asked that his name be withdrawn from consideration for a new term on the Auburn board of trustees,'' Mason said."

Lowder probably thought that the cards were being stacked against him when it came to retaining his spot on the Auburn board of trustees. Alabama State Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh blocked the approval of nine nominees to the fourteen-member board (including Lowder's reappointment) last week.

(via al.com, Anniston Star)

Big Tentacles: Jim Tressel, Iowa's Jordan Bernstine, Wisconsin's Nick Toon, and more.

(Big Tentacles is the SWRT look at the Big Ten and the schools it not-so-secretly covets.) 

Bringing balance to The Force. 
A proposal for Big Ten teams to play nine in-conference games each season could help to restore some sore of competitive advantage to the conference. (The Gazette)

Send Lawyers, guns, and money.
Ohio State has hired former NCAA enforcement officers to help in its defense against accusations of NCAA rules violations. (CBS Sports)

Oh yes he did!
Meanwhile, Brooks Melchoir suggests Ohio State head football coach is behind the recent demotion of the school's football public relations director Shelly Poe. (Sports By Brooks)

Oh no he didn't!
Brooks claim is disputed by Eleven Warriors. (Eleven Warriors)

Toon Time.
Wisconsin wide reciever Nick Toon is seen as a key player in the Badger's chances for a repeat Big Ten championship/trip to the Rose Bowl combo. (National Football Authority)

Meet Jordan Bernstine.
Iowa senior cornerback Jordan Bernstine is seen as a possible breakout player on the Hawkeye's defense. (Fight for Iowa)

In Your Honor.
Former Michigan head football coach Lloyd Carr will be honored with the Mott Children’s Hospital's “The Coach Carr Pediatric Cancer Unit." (Rivals.com)

Penn State Week at Off Tackle Empire
Expect to hear more than one "Joe Paterno is old" comment. (Off Tackle Empire)

Thanks for the Memories. 
Illinois athletic director Ron Guenther is planning to retire on July 1. (ESPN)

Oregon State player arrested for attempted kidnapping at McDonald's.

Castro Masaniai
Oregon State defensive tackle Castro Masaniai has been arrested on charges of "second-degree kidnapping, coercion, disorderly conduct, harassment and criminal mischief" after a fight with his girlfriend at a McDonald's in Corvallis, OR.

"Police responding to the call of an assault in progress say the player tried to force his girlfriend from the McDonald's, which resulted in the kidnapping charge."

The most embarrassing moment for Masaninai in all of this incident? This was the arresting officer:


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ohio State organization won't give Buckeye football players their (gold) pants.

It looks like tradition has taken a hit in the scandals swirling around Ohio State's football program. The Gold Pants Club, the group responsible for handing out the gold pants charms that commemorate a Buckeye victory against rival Michigan, has decided to hold off presenting the 2010 squad with their charms. This is in response to the possibility that Ohio State may have to vacate wins due to the scandal where players violated NCAA regulations against selling memorabilia.
Among the players involved with the scandal are Terrelle Pryor, who allegedly sold his gold pants charm awarded to him in 2008. You can tell the Gold Pants Club might be a little miffed over that one.

(via CBS Sports, ESPN)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Urban Meyer, Arkansas' Tyler Wilson, and more.

Urban Meyer will be coaching again someday. 
Because Kyle Whittingham, successor as coach of Utah, said so. (Dr. Saturday)

Will Arkansas' Tyler Wilson be as good as Ryan Mallett?
Arkansas should probably be more worried whether or not Wilson will be as good as the quarterbacks on the opposing teams they'll be facing in 2011 like Tennessee's Tyler Bray and South Carolina's Stephen Garcia (if he ever gets off suspension). (ChuckOliver.net)

Don't Panic!
Bulldog fans should chill out over the perceived slow kick-off of Georgia's 2012 recruiting cycle. (ChuckOliver.net)

Auburn's noon kickoff at Clemson on September 17 is a good thing. 
Because Barrett Sallee said so. (ChuckOliver.net)

The legacy continues. 
A sapling from one of the Toomer's Corner oaks has been planted on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol Building. (Dr. Saturday)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Bobby Lowder out as an Auburn trustee? Don't hold your breath.

The news that controversial Auburn booster Bobby Lowder's reappointment to the Auburn University Board of Trustees has apparently been blocked by the president of the Alabama State Senate is starting to take off on the internet. Before Auburn fans and haters both disgruntled with Lowder's antics might want to hold off celebrating for a while.
Alabama State President Del Marsh has blocked the approval Auburn's Board of Trustees by the Alabama Senate Confirmations Committee. This means that the current board, including Lowder, "will stay in place while the Legislature tries to pass a constitutional amendment that would restructure the board that governs the land grant university." That means Loweder's not going anywhere, at least for now.

Marsh says he wants the restructure the board to have a "more open" approach to the nomination process, to use the current state congressional districts as the basis of determining the board's representation (as opposed to districts maps from 1961), and to add two additional at-large members of the board.

None of this means that Lowder would be blocked from being re-nominated to the board. In all probability, once the issue of restructuring the board is settled one way or another, he will end up being re-nominated.

In other words, don't start the "Na-Na-Na-Na-Hey-Hey-Goodbye" chants just quite yet. It will probably take a lot more to completely sever Lowder's influence on the Auburn athletic program. This is just a slight complication.  

(via Sports By Brooks, al.com, The Anniston Star)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Derek Dooley is a morning person, and expects his players to be as well.

If your a Tennessee Volunteer football player and you like sleeping in mornings, you're out of luck. Herd football coach Derek Dooley has decided to move football practice to sessions in the morning.

"I think the one thing that is evident is, we made a decision to kind of take the morning for football and the afternoon for school and I think there's a lot of reasons that make it a good thing," Dooley said. "Number 1 is, it's a lot better, I think it's going to be good for academics. They'll be up, they'll go to class and they won't have to hit the alarm. And then they can roll right into their study time. I think there's a value of getting the football out of the way, so to speak, before they can attack their day. "We've done a lot of research, a lot of diligence. I've been thinking about doing this for two years, three years. So this decision was not made on a whim."

If Dooley's players are upset by this, they probably should consider themselves lucky that a military history buff like His Hairness doesn't go all R. Lee Ermey, trade in his customized Tilley Airflo hat for a Marine Corps drill instructor campaign hat, and start practice at five in the morning boot camp style. (Then again, Tyler Bray could probably use a haircut.)

(via Rocky Top Talk)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Washaun Ealey, Nick Saban, and the graven image of John Heisman.

(Covering Dixie Like Mildew is the SWRT roundup of SEC news, with the occasional pesky Southern school from another conference.)   
 Fly Like An Eagle...not. 
One place that former Georgia wide receiver Washaun Ealey will apparently not be transferring to is Georgia Southern. (Athens Banner-Herald)

Nick Saban's community outreach.
Alabama football coach Nick Saban says that his foundation, Nick's Kids, plans to adopt a community that was ravaged by the recent string of tornadoes in Alabama. (al.com)

What should you credit Nick Saban's success at Alabama to?
In a word: leadership. (Capstone Report)

Auburn or bust.
The bust of John Heisman that Auburn commissioned for its part in the great SEC graven image race has been completed and is headed to school. (Dr. Saturday)

A complete rundown of every NCAA violation and/or allegation of violations in one blog entry. Someone obviously had way too much time on their hands. (Hog Database)

Please adjust your schedules. 
Auburn's road trip to Clemson will be aired on ABC at Noon, EDT. (al.com)

Please adjust your schedules, Part Deux. 
The Outback Bowl will be played on Jan. 2, 2012 to avoid conflicts with the NFL schedule, as most other bowl games usually tend to do. (CBS Sports)

Not to say that Tulane is bad, but...
Tulane's offensive coordinator, Dan Dodd, is leaving the program to become the athletic director and varsity football coach at a Christian school in California. (Dr. Saturday)

Chris Speilman thinks Jim Tressel won't be coaching Ohio State in 2011 season.

ESPN analyst Chris Spielman, a former Ohio State linebacker, has made a humdinger of a prediction about embattled Buckeye head football coach Jim Tressel's future in Columbus. He doesn't think Tressel has much of one.

"And a prediction he made on Monday night before speaking at Ohio State University-Lima’s Spring For Scholarships dinner at the Shawnee Country Club probably would have the same effect on many Buckeyes fans.
He doesn’t expect Jim Tressel to be on the sidelines coaching any football games in the 2011 season.
“I’d be surprised if he’s coaching next year (2011). Why I say that is I think there is more stuff coming out,” the Ohio State legend said."

It isn't reported in whether Spielman meant that he thinks Tressel will be fired before the 2011 season starts, or would end up being suspended for the whole season (which would probably end up leading to the first option in any place), but he feels Ohio State and the coach will make the decision that's best for the program.

“That being said, Ohio State is bigger than one individual. It’s bigger than the James Cancer Hospital. It’s bigger than the band and football and basketball and the Fisher College of Business. So what has to happen, in my opinion, is that the people in charge have to take an honest look and say, ‘What is best for the university moving forward?’ Then they have to make a hard decision.
“And I do believe Coach Tressel owes it to our university, he has to look in the mirror and say, ‘What is best for the university looking forward.?’ ”
If Spielman believes that "there is more stuff coming out," there's a good chance that something is going to come out that won't be very pretty for Ohio State and Tressel (and for college football, for that matter). The tragic opera cycle known as "Der Weste des Nibelungen" isn't quite over, but is seems there's a fat lady wearing a viking helmet with a red vest waiting in the wings warming up her voice.

(via LimaSports.com. HT: Eleven Warriors)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Urban Meyer to Ohio State meme just won't die.

Here we go again. Jim Tressel's reign as Ohio State head football coach still hasn't officially gone below room temperature yet, but the mindless speculation of who will replace him is starting to really pick up steam. Lost Lettermen has its list of  "Jim Tressel’s Top 10 Likeliest Coaching Replacements," containing all the usual big-name suspects such as Boise State's Chris Petersen, Dan Mullen of Mississippi State, and everyone's favorite ESPN Monday Night Football analyst/coach-in-exile Jon Gruden. As with any no-brainer list of Ohio State coaching replacements, former Florida head coach Urban Meyer tops the list.

The whole "Urban Meyer to replace Jim Tressel" meme has barely begun, and yet it has already gotten annoying. Even more so than the "Urban Meyer going to coach at Notre Dame" meme has. I thought I had personally punched a decent hole in this idea a month or so ago, but I guess not.

Simply put, Urban Meyer isn't the coach you need to clean up a program that in all probability is going to get ban-hammered in one way or another by the NCAA. Think about it for a moment. Is a two-time BCS championship winning football coach going to want to go to a program that looks like it could possibly be banned from the bowl season for a year or two? The longer Ohio State winds on probation, the less likely Meyer will want to stand idly by while other coaches get to fight it out for the BCS title.

And most importantly, Meyer's is just not the kind of coach that is going to be a strict disciplinarian when it comes to players getting in trouble with the law. Look at the arrest record of players at Florida during Meyer's tenure there. It's almost as long as the plaque with Tim Tebow's "Promise Speech that Meyer had placed on the outside of the Florida athletic facility.

As a coach you want to have to clean up a program that's just gone through a decent sized mudhole of recruiting violations, Meyer is not the person you want to have around for the job. Even if he wanted it. If and when Meyer returns to the sidelines, it will most likely be to a program where he can come in and win quickly. With Ohio State likely facing big-time sanctions, it seems less likely to be a program Meyer would want to coach at.

(via Lost Lettermen)

Crossing the Atlantic: Mark Turgeon, Al Golden, Boston College, and more.

(Back after a long absence, Crossing the Atlantic is a look at the ACC and other schools on the East Coast.) 

Spanning the globe.
Reactions to Maryland's hire of of Mark Turgeon to replace Mike Williams as the Terrapins' head men's basketball coach. (Testudo Times)

Understatement of the year:
"Miami Hurricanes’ Al Golden dealing with off-field issues." Issues? It looks more like Golden's got the whole magazine section at Barnes & Noble to deal with. (The Miami Herald)

And if you thought that was bad...
Miami has a humdinger of a  competition for starting  quarterback to look forward to in 2012, including Michigan transfer Tate Forcier. (ESPN)
Fear the Twinkie.
Looking at which of Virginia Tech's four rather weak non-conference opponents (Appalachian State, East Carolina, Arkansas State, and Marshall) the Hokies should be concerned about the most. (ESPN)

Receiving news.
A look at Florida State's receiving unit. (Tomahawk Nation)

Ending with a bang.
BC Interruption takes a look at that ever important final game of regular season, and would rather not play an ACC opponent that week. The reason? The possibility of a rematch the following week in the ACC championship game. (BC Interruption)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Jerry Jones wants to dress Ohio State with his love. And his clothes.

Opulence? Jerry Jones has it. And while the Dallas Cowboys owner hasn't gotten that  little pet giraffe yet (as far as anybody knows), he is eying the rights to other high-profile sports properties. According to The Columbus Dispatch, he Cowboys are in the running for the rights to produce licensed apparel for Ohio State. Not only that, the 'Boys want total or near total-control of the rights to the Buckeye's brand.

"Most of the responses (in the bidding process) are from current, smaller licensees that want to continue producing some OSU garb. The Cowboys are one of three respondents that propose to handle all or most of the college's apparel that is sold everywhere, from college-specialty stores to supermarkets to mass retailers such as Target."

Around sixty-five percent of the revenue Ohio State gets annually from licensing comes from apparel, which is a good amount of money for the school. The Cowboys have years of experience in areas like this (unlike other NFL teams, the Cowboys maintain the control of its own intellectual rights.)

It looks like Jones and the Cowboys are making a big splash in the area of apparel licensing agreements. They have reportedly been in touch with other schools about licensing agreements besides Ohio State, though most have turned down the offer. If Jones were successful in getting the Buckeyes' rights, it might open the floodgates for deals with other schools, and would probably make the business end of college sports more interesting for years to come.

(via The Columbus Dispatch

Houston Nutt has a contract only a Wall Street CEO could love.

Houston Nutt apparently has Ole Miss over a barrel when it comes to the world of contracts. If the school decided that was time to shove him out the same door it shoved Colonel Reb through at the end of the 2011 season, it will have to pay Nutt $6,000,000 dollars. By comparison, Ole Miss would only have to dish out $615,000 in bonus money for completing the trifecta of going undefeated, and winning both the SEC conference and BCS championships. If this isn't fuzzy math, I don't know what is.

(via The Clarion-Ledger)

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Tyler Bray, Arkansas' Greg Childs and Jerry Franklin, UGA's John Jenkins and Kwame Geathers, and more.

(Covering Dixie Like Mildew is the SWRT roundup of SEC  news, with the occasional pesky Southern school from another conference.)   

It's Getting Better All the Time.  
Tennessee's passing game is improving as star quarterback Tyler Bray grows into his added responsibilities on the offense. (Chattanooga Times Free Press)

High on the Hogs?
Arkansas receiver Greg Childs and linebacker Jerry Franklin are each ranked no. 4 in their respective positions by Mel Kiper Jr. for the 2012 NFL Draft. (Arkansas Sports 360)

A Wildcat becomes a Tiger.
Northwestern running back Arby Fields is transferring to LSU. (Sippin' on Purple HT: And the Valley Shook)

Does Auburn achieve in even-numbered years, yet falter in even numbered ones?  (Track 'Em Tigers)

Event  Horizon. 
Would Georgia placing both JUCO transfer John Jenkins and freshman Kwame Geathers on the defensive line create a "Supermassive Black Hole" that would suck opposing defenses into its gravity well, or would this idea lead the Dawgs down the wrong rabbit hole? (Dawg Sports)

Who  will be the better quarterback in the NFL - Cam Newton or Tim Tebow?
The answer to this one is probably "no." (Alligator Army)

"Greatest Vol Villains" Tournament. 
Lane Kiffin has got to be the early favorite in this one. (Rocky Top Talk)

Gator fans get married. 
If this doesn't look like one of those "the baby was on time, but the wedding was late" kind of things, then I don't know what is. (Loser With Socks.)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Stephen Garcia is a college graduate.

You can call suspended South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia a lot of things (and you be assured that Steve Spurrier probably has). But one thing you apparently can't call him is a slacker when it comes to his academic studies. Garcia was among the group of South Carolina students who received their undergraduate degrees in a ceremony at the Colonial Life Arena. Garcia received his undergraduate degree in sociology. There's still no word yet on whether he will be allowed back to play during the 2011 season, but at least he got something out of his college days besides a nasty hangover in Atlanta.

(via The Charleston Post and Courier)

Bear Bryant with some Mother's Day advice for y'all.

And if you are a Mom. Happy Mother's Day to you.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Aggie flash mob is yet another reason why Texas A&M should NEVER be allowed in the SEC.

Consider this reason #14 why Texas A&M should never  be allowed to join the SEC if the Big XII ever splits up. There are people who think flash mobs and Glee are the greatest things since sliced bread. Obviously, this clip proves them wrong.

Oh yeah, those other two reasons between the Top 10 and #14:

#11. The Aggie Corps of Cadets provide the best reason to reinstate "Don't Ask Don't Tell.

#12. Neal Boortz  is an Texas A&M alum.

#13. "The Aggie Song" from The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. 'Nuff said.

Big Tentacles: Recruiting, Tom Osbourne, Tubby Smith, and more.

(Big Tentacles is the SWRT look at the Big Ten and the schools it not-so-secretly covets.) 

I have my heroes...
Hammer and Rails' regular feature "Profiles in Bada**ery" honors  Air Force 1st Lt. Joel Gentz, who was  Purdue grad killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan. (Hammer and Rails)

When it rains, it pours. 
Ohio State's NCAA compliance  guru will look into some shady-looking deals between Buckeye athletes and a couple of used car dealerships. (Columbus Dispatch)

Spanning the globe. 
Michigan State has been expanding its recruiting base across the country while rival Michigan is trying to restore ties closer to home that suffered during the Rich Rodriguez era. (Detroit Free Press)

On the other hand:
Michigan leads all Big Ten schools when it comes to filling out its 2012 recruiting class. (Detroit Free press)

Northwestern recruiting. 
Offensive guard Ian Park commits to Northwestern. (Chicago Tribune)

Nebraska recruiting.
Nebraska lands a four-star recruit in the form of  receiver Jordan Westerkamp. (Omaha World Herald)

Change in the Weather.
Penn State's hot streak of landing recruits apparently took a nosedive after a spell of cold weather at the Blue-White weekend. (PennLive.com)

Looking for a fight.
Despite the move to the Big Ten, Nebraska athletic director says that the school is willing to play Texas if the Longhorns are up to it. (Austin American-Statesman)

And that's what college football is really about, Charlie Brown.*
The Big Ten had twenty-six student athletes named to the National Football Foundation's Hampshire Honor Society, including former Wisconsin quarterback Scott Tolzien. (Big Ten Official Athletic Site)


Tubby to be a Terrapin? 
The hot rumor going around is that Minnesota head men's basketball coach Tubby Smith is being looked at as a possible replacement for Gary Williams at Maryland. (The Daily Gopher)

On a related front:
Notre Dame men's basketball coach Mike Brey's representatives have reportedly been contacted by Maryland about replacing Williams. But it looks like Brey's looking to stay in South Bend. (Chicago Tribune)

(* Yeah, I can't write that with a straight face, either.)