Monday, March 28, 2011

What if The NCAA Final Four were - The FRIGHTFUL FOUR?

Longtime readers of Shirts With Random Triangles might recall last year that  I compared the 2010 NCAA Final Four to the stars of The World's Greatest Comic Magazine, The Fantastic Four. Lots of things have changed in a year. Johnny Storm, The Human Torch, was killed off, the FF's book was canceled. And the remaining FF members have reformed into something called the Future Foundation. (Though I suspect Johnny and the FF will be back in time for what would be the 600th issue of Fantastic Four.)
Add to that the fact that it would be pretty hard to truly consider this year's Final Four to The Fantastic Four. It's not that some of the school's aren't fantastic in their own way. It's just that some of this year's Final Four basketball teams are just too freaking evil to compare to  Reed Richards and crew.

So with that in mind, what better group to compare this year's Final Four to than the Fantastic Four's evil opposites - The Frightful Four! First appearing as together as a unit in Fantastic Four #36, the Frightful Four have come together over and over again to plague the world's greatest adventurers in one form or another. Just to keep things simple, I'm going to use the groups original line-up of The Wizard, The Trapster, The Sandman, and Madame Medusa to compare against Kentucky, VCU, UConn, and Butler.

Kentucky as - The Wizard!

The scheming brains behind the Frightful Four, The Wizard (aka The Wingless Wizard) is the obvious group member to compare to Kentucky and its head coach John Calipari. Both the Wizard and Calipari are ruthless, ethicless, and just downright unlikable. Also they usually come up short in their desperate schemes, leaving nothing but ruins and shattered dreams in their wake. Be warned, Wildcat fans. That Final Four you have so desired may turn out to be like another classic Marvel villain - The Vanisher.

UConn as - The Sandman!

Another quite easy choice. The Sandman is the Frightful Four member that is the most dangerous, but which everyone somehow seems to underestimate when push comes to shove. This is in so may ways similar to UConn and its head basketball coach Jim Calhoun. Many people underestimated the Huskies this year, and paid for it with busted brackets.

VCU as - The Trapster!

No one really expects The Trapster to give them much trouble. But time and again, he surprises them with his guile and his more-dangerous-that-it-looks paste gun. Don't laugh, that thing releases an adhesive that even The Thing has trouble breaking out of.  Like The Trapster, nobody expected VCU to give them much trouble in the NCAA Tournament. With each game, however, the Rams plastered even favored teams like Purdue and Kansas.

Butler as - Madame Medusa!

Medusa isn't really evil. In fact, she only got involved with the Frightful Four because she had lost her memory and forgotten her life as a member of the Inhuman Royal Family.  She eventually learned her true identity, however, and left the life of crime to take her rightful place beside her true love, Black Bolt. She even switched sides and joined the Fantastic Four once! That said, Butler is the obvious choice to pair up with Medusa because she's not really evil. And like Butler, enemies don't expect her and her stretchable, malleable, mane of hair to be a serious threat. Both she and Butler usually prove them wrong.

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