Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stephen Garcia's Rockin' New Year's Eve (eve). Or: Why the Gamecocks choked in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl.

The cat is out of the bag where it comes to why South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia preformed so badly in the Gamecocks' loss to Florida State in the Dec. 31. 2010 Chick-Fil-A Bowl. While no one is surprised that Garcia was partaking in non-Truett Cathy approved behavior the night before the big game (Garcia's name has been used in the same sentence as the words "Aldus Snow" before), no one really knew how bad he was partying until FITSNews broke this story today about that fateful night.

Multiple sources tell FITS that Garcia – who is known to party like a rock star – was involved in a massive, all-night bender in his hotel room the night before the bowl game. In fact, Garcia’s alleged party became so raucous that the S.C. Highway Patrol – which provided security for the team during its stay in Atlanta – was called to investigate.
Upon entering Garcia’s hotel room, they are said to have discovered the quarterback in a highly-intoxicated state in the company of five different young women – two of whom were completely naked.

You can expect how that made Steve Spurrier fell the night before a big game that could have totally restored his reputation. And how did The Old Ball Coach punish his star QB?

Rather than let Garcia sleep his big night off, our sources say that the USC coaching staff forced him to run on a treadmill while he was still hungover. There was reportedly even talk of benching him for the bowl game – or at least sitting him out for a series.

Well, when you can't make your players run up and down the stadium steps, you have to invoke the immortal words of Heartbreak Ridge's Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Highway (aka Clint Eastwood) and"Improvise, adapt, overcome". 

There's no full account of Garcia's big night in the ATL, but this is probably similar to how it might have gone down. (Hopefully without the, uh, "sex without asking".) 

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