Friday, March 25, 2011

Steve Spurrier laid down the law to Stephen Garcia, and made him get a haircut too.

Garcia before Coach Spurrier made him chop his hair off.
South Carolina starting quarterback Stephen Garcia spoke to the media for the first time since his week-long suspension. Garcia spent a week out of practice as punishment over an alleged night of debauchery night in Atlanta before the team's appearance in the Chick-fil-A Bowl. He promised the media that such a thing wouldn't happen again.

"Just got to be smarter, that's the bottom line," he said. "You know the last time I got in trouble was three or four years was a bad decision on my part down in Atlanta. Nothing bad is going to happen again. That's a guarantee," Garcia said following practice."

Garcia said that he had spoken to South Carolina head football coach Steve Spurrier about the incident, and asked what he could do to make amends. Needless to say, The Old Ball Coach took very good advantage of the situation.

"Garcia said Spurrier gave him a list of “10 or 12 suggestions” on improving himself during his final season with a USC team expected to once again contend for an SEC title. Garcia would only divulge one: cutting his long hair."

Obviously, the world "suggestions" is a Spurrier code word for "Do make me do to you what I used to do to Georgia back in the day, boy." As you can tell from the video below, Garcia went to the barber and got his mangy locks chopped off. Spurrier was apparently  merciful and didn't tell him to shave, though.

There is no word about what the other twelve "suggerstions" were, but they probably involve avoiding drinking and co-eds in varying states of undress.

(via Anderson Independent Mail, WLTX)

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