Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rex Ryan wants his son to go to Alabama. Nick Saban must be thrilled.

It should come as no one's surprise that outspoken New York Jets head football coach Rex Ryan has a son that plays football. Young Seth Ryan, according to his father, has "Kill" and "Mad skills. At least that's what Rex Says. And it looks like he's eyeing Alabama as the school where he wants to send his son to.

"I want him to learn football," Ryan said. "He wants to be a coach and all
that. Alabama's not going to be excited about him. He's not a great
player, but he's a good one. But he's going to be a great coach one day.
I want him to be around the best, and that's why I want to bring him

Well that's just what Nick Saban needs. His own personal Craig and Adam James combo. You can imagine how that coach/player/player's dad relationship is going to turn out. Especially in dealing with an ego like Rex Ryan's. Hopefully for Saban, if Seth Ryan does go to Alabama, Big Daddy Rex will still be coaching the Jets and be too busy making watching films to be too much of a helicopter dad. That and that young Seth is a better player and less of a brat than Adam James was. Otherwise, the Alabama maintenance staff may want to make sure that their electrical sheds  are all locked.


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