Monday, March 7, 2011

Nebraska vs. Iowa on Black Friday is a smart move

A long talked about part of the new and improved Big Ten schedule is finally coming into fruition. The Universities of Nebraska and Iowa have announced that the two school's football teams will play their first two Big Ten meetings on the Friday after Thanksgiving in 2011 and 2012.

For one thing, it continues Nebraska's tradition of playing on Black Friday, giving Husker fans (or at least Husker male fans) a reason to avoid the malls. Furthermore, it keeps the game from conflicting with the the traditional season-ending Big Ten powerhouse meeting of Ohio State-Michigan.Which could come into play with the conference's shyness of playing late season games in the cold Midwest night. The chance of one of the other games played on the same day would be a scheduling nightmare. Especially if one game was played earlier, and was still being played when the late game started. Don't even thing of starting them at the same time.

With Nebraska-Iowa on Black Friday, followed by Ohio St.-Michigan game the day after,  the Big Ten has a  terrific one-two punch to end the regular college football season. Given the fact that Alabama and Auburn's  Iron Bowl confrontation is returning to Saturdays, it has to be a good thing for the Big Ten.

(via Hawkeye Sports)

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