Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mike Leach's inspires a "Fat Little Girlfriends" cookbook.

College football has crossed over into the cooking world multiple times, but this one has to be the both one of the weirdest cases (as well as one of the most politically incorrect) possible. The Fat Little Girlfriends Cookbook has been published by Team Leach, the group of supporters of former Texas Tech head football coach Mike Leach.

Team Leach was on Facebook organized after Leach's firing over the incident involving locking player Adam James in an electrical shed.  It's evolved into an online community to the point where it has created a scholarship in the embattled coach's name at Texas Tech for would-be coaches. Now Team Leach has put together the Fat Little Girlfriends cookbook as a fundraiser for the scholarship.  The title inspired by Leach's infamous remark about his player's listening to their "fat little girlfriends."

Leach himself has written a forward to the cookbook, where he explained the origins of the idea, and to thank his supporters.

"To raise money, a fantastic  woman named Kerry Morrison came up with the idea of putting together this cookbook. That’s when the press conference from the A&M game came up. “Let’s call it the Fat Little Girlfriends Cookbook,” Morrison told her friends on Team Leach. It stuck, and the work on the cookbook began."

Sadly, there are no examples of the recipes that are in the book online. There's a joke or two to be made musing on how you cook a "fat little girlfriend," but I won't do it here. The book is available for $20.00, plus taxes, shipping and handling, with the proceeds going to the Mike Leach Scholarship Fund.

(via Dr. Saturday)

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he did NOT lock James in a electrical shed at all...