Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mike Hamilton apologizes to Bruce Pearl for radio interview comments.

Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton started an internet frenzy yesterday. In an interview with a Knoxville radio station, he placed doubts on the Vols' head basketball coach Bruce Pearl's employment status after the end of this season. Today reports come out that Hamilton called Pearl to apologize for the statements.

Pearl is reported to have said that "I think Mike would have prepared for it to not come out like this."It doesn't sound like the eventual meeting between the two following the team's exit from the NCAA Tournament will be a very warm and fuzzy occasion.

(via Go Vols Xtra)

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Anonymous said...

Seems to me, Hamilton is the one who needs to be replaced. Too much ego and mouth and very little character and good judgement in my opinion. I'm still p.o'd that he axed Phil Fulmer when the man's blood ran Vols Orange and had a true passion and love for his school and players and replaced him with a clipboard toating robot with the passion of a hired gun.