Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Houston Nutt targets lack of discipline at Ole Miss.

Anyone who reads Entertainment Weekly on a frequent basis knows about it's back of the book "The Bullseye" feature, which rates the week's hits and misses in entertainment news (or what passes for it). Houston Nutt seems to have taken that idea to a whole new level, by using it to shame his players into submission. He's simplified the thing, by getting rid of the near misses not hitting the bullseye being good, and making sure the players who stray from his rules know they're on his "List You Don't Want to Be On" (To borrow disgraced former CNN media personality Rick Sanchez's spiel.)

“Started back in January,” Nutt said. “As soon as they got back we made what we call a circle of champions. That’s a circle of excellence. And what that means is we want everybody to do it the right way.”

This goes back to what Nutt has said before, of course, the part about how a lack of discipline and the so-called ‘little things’ were a big reason why the Rebels went 4-8 last season after back-to-back nine-win seasons. In Nutt’s first two seasons, he said, there was an assumption, based on strong leadership, that things would be done the right way. This offseason, he wanted to, essentially, force the issue.

“So when we got back we said that everybody’s going to pick a partner,” Nutt said. “And if your partner doesn’t go to class, you both run. One of you oversleeps? Both of you overslept. And both of you have got to pay a penalty. And so you get so many penalties and you start, you get outside — you don’t want to be outside the blue. What I’m excited about, with 121 right now, I think we’ve got four names up there.”

Four, because of the partner system."

The players who have apparently lost Nutt's trust, by the way, are wide reciever Ja-Mes Logan, defensive back Wesley Pendleton,  wide reciever Korvic Neat, and running back Brandon Bolden.  Or at least one member of each pair has. The other partner gets the thumbs down for not keeping the other in check.

(via The Clarion-Ledger. HT: Dr. Saturday)

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