Monday, March 14, 2011

Georgia self-reports recruiting violation involving Isaiah Crowell. (UPDATED)

Isaiah Crowell with UGA VI decedent.
The prevailing philosophy in the NCAA seems to be that if you aren't committing recruiting violations, then you aren't trying.  Mind you, a coach even breathing the wrong way on a recruit is probably an NCAA violation, so it isn't that hard to do. So give Georgia credit at least for finding a way to commit one while recruiting tailback Isaiah Crowell, and for self-reporting the violation to the NCAA.

"Coach Mark Richt committed a violation when he included Crowell in a simulated “missing man” formation with current  Georgia players during Crowell’s visit to campus in January, according to a March 4 letter from UGA athletic director Greg McGarity to the NCAA. The letter was obtained by the AJC and other media outlets today under open-records requests."

Of course, Richt says he didn't know letting Crowell get involved in a simulated formation was a recruiting violation...sort of.

"According to the letter, Richt knew it would be against NCAA rules to use equipment or run a play involving a recruit, but did not know the limited Jan. 23 activity was against the rules.  The SEC subsequently informed Georgia that the incident constituted a violation of the NCAA rule against “game day simulation” for prospects."

Richt claiming that he didn't know he was committing an NCAA violation may have been a  cheesy move,  but he's one of the few SEC coaches who you could actually take his explanation on face value...almost.

UPDATE:  As punishment for the Crowell recruiting violation, Richt is "barred from phoning recruits and their parents" in April, according to the Athens Banner-Herald.

(via Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Athens Banner-Herald)


Adam W. said...

Okay. This is such a ridiculous violation that I cannot fathom any sort of punishment being handed down. Perhaps a slight verbal reprimand? Maybe? That would be sufficient. I mean, if this formation was the line to an ATM, then maybe, but otherwise I can't imagine anything happening.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like some Richt 'head-hunters' to me. Just a thought.