Sunday, February 13, 2011

Will the Jadeveon Clowney recruiting saga end not with a bang, but a whimper?

The story of Jadeveon Clowney,  the top prospect in America according to, will be reaching a boiling point on Monday when he announces his decision on what college the will be playing for this fall. Reports are that it will be a two-school race between Clowney's home state schools of Clemson and South Carolina, with Alabama still in the running as a dark horse. This story has gone almost two weeks since National Signing Day, and might be an indication that there might be some behind-the-scenes issues with Clowney, as Saturday Down South suggests.

"When a kid waits this long to announce, there has to be some red flags going off. The red flags sometimes translate to having an underwhelming effect in college, for the most part. A great example is the recent recruitment and school selection of Bryce Brown. Brown waited long after NSD to announce for Tennessee, and he ended up hating it there and left last spring for Kansas State. So far, he hasn’t lived up to the hype."

There's a possibility that Clowney may have to go the JUCO route to improve his grades. If that's the case, the program that he chooses would have to wait a year for his services. Its doubtful that neither Steve Spurrier nor Dabo Sweeney want to go through the very public drama Tennessee's Derek Dooley went through with Brown. The delay in Clowney's decision  could end up indicating a need to put a "buyer beware" sticker on the nation's top prospect.

(via Saturday Down South)

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