Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tennessee Vol Tobias Harris' father is a tiger dad.

One of the hot topics of the moment is that of the "tiger mother." the authoritarian maternal figure who is very demanding and controlling of her children. Logic would dictate that there are men out there who are "tiger fathers" and act in somewhat the same way. Tennessee forward Tobias Harris' father, Torrel Harris would probably qualify in that category. With a touch of helicoter dad to boot.

Scott Cacciola of The Wall Street Journal recently reported  on Harris, and his father, and how the younger Harris' collegiate success is part of a "master plan" set up by his father to prepare him for the NBA

"It has not happened by accident. Everything in his basketball career, from his practice habits to his college recruitment to his goal of entering the NBA Draft after two seasons at Tennessee, has been orchestrated by his father. A one-time player agent, Torrel Harris has drawn on his own experiences to write a blueprint for Tobias's future—one that, in his mind, his son will disregard at his own peril."

Torrel Harris already sounds like the guy Cecil Newton wants to grow up to be like. 

The elder Harris' master plan for his son included forming an AAU team for his son. He also was responsible for Tobias and his younger brother switching schools on several occasions, where he had issues and arguements with Tobias' coaches. He was also very involved in picking out which college Tobias would play for. According to Tennessee head men's basketball coach, Bruce Pearl, the elder Harris  felt like he'd probably want Tobias to get to the NBA even more than Tobias would want to get to the NBA."

Torrel Harris is already looking forward into using Tobias' future pro basketball profits for non-basketball related 

 "He said he can foresee Tobias making his NBA money work for him by opening a bowling alley, a car dealership, restaurant franchises. He said he wants him to hire a pair of high-powered accounting firms—two, he said, so they have to compete for his son's business."

It's kind of hard to tell if the "him" Torrel Harris is talking about is Tobias or himself in that paargraph. It wouldn't be too quite of a shock if it was the latter. Torrel Harris already sounds like the kind of guy Cecil Newton would want to be like when he grows up.

(via Wall Street Journal. HT to Rocky Top Talk)

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