Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ricky Stanzi, International Man of Mystery.

The biggest mystery in the 2011 NFL Draft would seem to involve Iowa quarterback Ricky Stanzi. Part of that is because of the differing opinions of where Stanzi (aka America's Quarterback) should rank among this year's batch of QB's. Part of the problem might be that Stanzi has been better known for his fervent patriotism than for his resume as starting QB at Iowa, which includes winning the 2010 Orange Bowl.

Iowa somewhat underwhelming 2010 season hasn't helped clear away any of the questions many Draft gurus and football scouts have about how good of a pro QB Stanzi could be. It's resulted in a considerable variance when it comes to the projections of what round he'll go in the Draft.

Mel Kiper Jr. of ESPN, seems to be higher on Stanzi's draft stock than than other pundits. He feels that Stanzi deserves to go in the second round of the Draft, and points to his 59.2 third-down completion rate and his 3-0 bowl game record with Iowa . Other experts are not as sold on Stanzi as Kiper is, resulting on a wide range on opinion on where he ranks among other QBs in the Draft.

 "Pro Football Weekly rates him the third best quarterback in the draft – behind Blaine Gabbert of Missouri and Jake Locker of Washington and ahead of Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton of Auburn and Ryan Mallett of Arkansas.

Lindy's Pro Football Draft report pegs Stanzi as the ninth-best quarterback and projects him as a fourth-round pick."
Stanzi hopes to improve his chances in the 2011 NFL Draft this week at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. He has been working on his quarterbacking skills with Tom Brady's personal quarterback coach, Tom Martinez. The freshly buzzed Stanzi is looking to change the

Stanzi's draft stock may be higher or lower when the NFL Combine ends later next week. Though he might not become a first round pick, Stanzi may end up as being one of the bigger bargains in the Draft. If his pro career is as good or better than his college career has been, that is.

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