Monday, February 7, 2011

Pro-Colonel Reb billboard is an EPIC FAIL

There's a billboard in near the University of Mississippi campus which is promoting the Colonel Reb Foundation, a group seeking to restore the maligned former Ole Miss mascot to his former glory. Inadvertently, it pretty much makes the case why the school got rid of him in the first place.

While the character being swatted away like a grand slam home run is obviously supposed to be a black bear,  it does look more like  like an old Southern white guy with a baseball bat whacking a stereotypical caricature of a black man. In trying to promote their cause to restore Colonel Reb, the Colonel Reb Foundation has instead given more ammunition for the anti-Colonel Reb cause. Which in the end, really isn't all that surprising.

Red Cup Rebellion pretty much sums this one up by saying "A fool and his money are soon parted."

On the plus side, Something Southern is getting lots of free publicity from this on the Internet. If you're in the area, check them out to help them soothe the embarrassment of being associated with these pro-Colonel Reb gooney birds.

(Via Sports By Brooks, Red Cup Rebellion)


Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote this story, you're a bonehead. You're reaching way too far to promote the non-existent point of your little article, to a point beyond reason where it's obvious you're sole point is to push an agenda. You must be young.
First, the Colonel is in a baseball uniform (it's nearing baseball season, by the way). Second, the black bear does not look like a stereotypical caricature of a black man-it looks just like the black bear 'mascot' drawn up by those wanting the change in the first place. Thirdly, he's getting hit out of the park, much like a baseball does when a homerun takes place. Get it? Baseball season's coming up, home run, it's outta here, no black bear!

But you get that don't you? You're just executing the typical, brainless, liberal approach-take something simple, make it something it's not, and slap the racist label on it.
Nice try, son. Actually, no, it wasn't...if you're going to be a liberal, you have to at least try to shroud your baseless agenda in more fabrication to champion the b.s. you're trying to promote.

Anonymous said...

^ im with that guy