Saturday, February 5, 2011

Phil Simms threatens Desmond Howard over month's old comments about son Matt Simms.

Beware, Phil Simms bears more grudges than lonely high court judges. Especially about his kids. Simms, once infamously told Steve Young to "lay off" criticizing older son Chris Simms. Now he's reported into getting into an altercation over NFL legend Desmond Howard for comments over his younger son, Matt Simms at the NFL Experience in Dallas.
Howard has referred to Matt Sims, a quarterback at Tennessee as one of the three worst quarterbacks in the SEC. Simms took umbridge at this, and confronted Howard over the comments. Howard claimed on Twitter that Simms had threatened him, and had to be stopped by the police from getting into a physical altercation with him.
Simms has issued a statement that says the incident was "a private conversation that became heated," but did not believed the incident required police intervention.
Whatever happened, Matt Simms was horrible as a starting QB at Tennessee, and eventually lost his starting job to he-of-the-world's-most-embarrassing-back-tattoo, Tyler Bray.

(via Sports by Brooks, Dr. Saturday)

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