Monday, February 7, 2011

A Jimmer Fredette song? A Jimmer Fredette song.

It had to happen. Someone in Utah "wrote" a song about America's new mancrush, Jimmer Fredette of BYU. Well re-wrote the lyrics of a Bon Jovi song is more like it. Jon Carter, a DJ for Arrow 103.5 in Salt Lake City, UT (surprise! It's a classic rock station) and "group" called the Jimmer Jammers made a video for this little musical gem too.

The other "band members" of this group happen to be former BYU Cougar, uh, "greats" Shaun Bradley and Chad Lewis and former Cougar Coach LaVell Edwards. As if anybody couldn't tell this is just "Wanted  Dead or Alive" without Jon Bon Jovi's vocal track in the first place.

No word from Jon Bon Jovi about this yet. He's apparently too busy buying a share of the Atlanta Falcons to comment.

(via SB Nation on Twitter, Deseret News, ESPN)

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