Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The "Draft Isaiah Crowell's bulldog puppy to be Uga IX" campaign has already begun.

Uga VIII has joined his forefathers in the crypt in Sanford Stadium. And now the Bulldog Nation looks forward to the search for UGA IX in the way devoted Catholics follow the selection of a new Pope. But there is already is a candidate for role, and its one who has already made its mark on Georgia history - the bulldog puppy that Isaiah Crowell brought on stage when he announced his commitment to Georgia last week.

The puppy belongs to longtime Georgia fan Mike Woods, who claims that the puppy, named Magical Munson Woods, is descended from Uga VI (the last Uga to last more than a year). He reportedly has made to plans "to offer Magical Munson Woods to the Seilers (the family that owns the Uga Dynasty) and the school so he can serve as Uga IX."

Whether  the Seilers have any inkling to take Woods offer up is unknown at the moment. The dog not being a direct descendant of  Uga VIII may be a sticking point; although on the flip side, it has been mentioned by Dawg Sports' T. Kyle King that it "may help from a breeding standpoint."

(via Dawg Sports, The Ledger-Enquirer (Columbus, GA))

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