Monday, February 14, 2011

The agony and the irony: Zach Mettenberger may have been dismissed from Georgia by Damon Evans

Was former Georgia athletic director Damon Evans responsible for the dismissal from the Bulldog football team of Zach Mettenberger? That is the what Sports By Books reported on the blog's new Facebook fan page. The quarterback was dismissed from the team last year after he got in trouble with the law during an incident at a bar in Remberton, GA .
The irony is that this came a few months before Evans himself was arrested for DUI in s highly publicized incident that cost him his job. Mettenberger is now under scholarship at LSU. Evans is out of football completely, and works for a marketing firm in Boston.

(via Sports By Brooks Facebook fan page, HT to Leather Helmet Blog)


Anonymous said...

I believe there was also a sexual assault involved with Mettenberger and he is not allowed to ever come back to that town. If memory serves correctly. I am glad GA kicked him off the team. These kids need to learn that they are not above the law. At the same time, I am glad that LSU was willing to give him a chance at redemption.

Anonymous said...

Zach is a talented qb with a sense of entitlement. Unfortunately, that sense of entitlement is going to result in Zach eventuallygetting into deeper trouble than before. Book it.