Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mike Gundy Cowboys Up, rides mechanical bull.

Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy doesn't have to prove that he's a man, because he's already done that.  And he's man enough to have a Justin Beiber ringtone, as well. And because he is a man, he can ride a mechanical bull with the the ease of Lane Frost riding Red Rock. The following video was filmed somewhere in Arizona, where he and the team are preparing to face Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl.

(via Dr. Saturday)

Game Day Goulash: Bowl games, Andrew Luck, Aaron Murray, and way too much griping about New Year's in the ATL.

At left is the Peach Drop, the annual New Year's Eve event in Atlanta, which is officially the lamest New Year's Eve celebration in America. Seriously, I've been down there to see it live, and it's awful. Loads of drunk people with the warm smell of colitas rising up through the air.

And the spectators who crowd Blunderground Underground Atlanta each year for the Peach Drop get gipped. That's because the  "peach" being dropped is a flattened piece of peach-shaped material. It's not even a spheroid like the ball in Times Square, for crying out loud! It's the It's Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown "I got a rock" equivalent of New Year's Eve. Seriously, the ATL can do better. Maybe they could Chick-fil-A to sponsor it like it does the Chick-fil-A bowl and drop a cow or something.

Okay, enough of the griping, you're here for the news round-up and surrounding snarky comments and obscure references, not the griping about the Peach Drop. So here goes.

BYU and Tulsa are neither Armed, nor are Forces. Discuss amongst yourselves. 
BYU edges out Tulsa in the Armed Forces Bowl 24-21. (

Earning their stripes. 
Rutgers defeats Iowa State in the Pinstripe Bowl 27-13. (

In other football-related state of Iowa schadenfreude...
Iowa got pounded by Oklahoma in the Insight Bowl 31-14. (

Ring My Bell. 
Mississippi State defeats Wake Forest in the Music City Bowl 23-17. (

The Final Countdown. 
Texas A&M fans prepare for the Aggies' last official football game as a member of the Big 12 as they face Northwestern in the Meineke Car Care Bowl. (KBTX

Maybe the last time. I don't know. 
Northwestern quarterback Dan Persa hopes that the Meineke Car Care Bowl won't be the end of his playing days, and that he'll be able to continue go to the NFL. (The Morning Call)

Out in the West Texas town of El Paso. 
Georgia Tech prepares to face Utah in the Sun Bowl in El Paso, Tx. Well, somebody had to do it. (ESPN)

Hungry Like the Wolf.
The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl features Illinois and UCLA as they fight both hunger and each other. (ESPN)

Panic in the Henhouse.
Virginia and Auburn face off against each other in the Chick-fil-A Bowl in Atlanta. (ESPN)

If You Wanna Leave Me Can I Come Too? 
Stanford QB Andrew Luck might not be the only Cardinal playing his final game in the Fiesta Bowl. (The San Jose Mercury News)

A Sort of Homecoming. 
Georgia QB and fashionista Aaron Murray will be playing in his hometown of Tampa as the Bulldogs face Michigan State in the Outback Bowl. (The Detroit Free Press)

It Don't Come Easy. 
Kimberley Nash doesn't think Georgia will have an easy time in 2012 as some pundits believe they will. She's probably right. (The Lady Sportswriter)

Living in the moment.
Michigan State QB Kirk Cousins is enjoying his last days as a college QB as he prepares to lead the Spartans in the Outback Bowl. (The Detroit Free Press)

Let's dance. Let's shout. Shake your body down to the ground. 
Wisconsin and Oregon fans will be able to partake of the traditions of singing to the respective tunes of House of Pain's "Jump Around," and the Isley Brothers' "Shout" during the third quarter break of the Rose Bowl on Jan. 2, 2012. (Wisconsin State Journal)

The Island of Misfit Bowls.
A look at the ghosts of bowl games of the past that never really caught on. (Midwest Sports Fans)

Friday, December 30, 2011

UGA QB Aaron Murray's latest fashion nightmare.

Thank you, Aaron Murray! We couldn't have ended 2011 without at least one last embarrassing photograph from our favorite Georgia starting quarterback. This time Murray went all out with the deep-cut v-neck sweater, skinny jeans, and a larger-than-necessary and all too feminine carry-all bag. Add to that the derp face to end all derp faces, and all confidence that the Dawgs will beat Michigan State in the Outback Bowl will pretty much vanish.

Did I  mention Murray's skinny jeans?

Uh, Aaron, I think you forgot to do something before you got you picture taken there.

If this any more shots like these show up, Mark Richt may want to consider benching Murray and staring Hutson Mason in the Outback Bowk instead. At least he isn't prone to having embarrassing pics app...

Aw, screw it. Georgia's doomed.

(via Kegs 'N Eggs.)

Will Michigan State play USC in Greece?

Could Sparty fly the colors in Greece?
Greece is the word for Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis. Apparently is isn't good enough for MSU  to re-enact the Peloponnesian War against Georgia on Jan 2., 2012 in the Outback Bowl. (Spartans vs. Georgia, get it? Oh well...) Hollis wants to play a basketball game in Greece, the home of the original Spartans, as well as the birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games. He even has the perfect opponent in mind - the USC Trojans.

"And yes, Hollis is serious about a game between Michigan State and Southern Cal in Panathinaiko Stadium in Athens, Greece – which hosted the first modern Olympic Games in 1896.

“We’ve been talking about Greece for a while,” Hollis said. 

It would have to be a basketball game, though, because the stadium is too narrow for a football game. All sports will be involved in the new scheduling and branding partnership that the Big Ten and Pac-12 announced Wednesday."

 Clearly, Hollis apparent vision is for Michigan State and USC  re-enact the Trojan War, hoopyball-style. (The Trojan started when a Trojan prince ran off with Helen, wife of the King of Sparta) Since Michigan State played North Carolina on the deck of the USS Carl Vinson this past Veterans Day in the first Carrier Classic, anything is possible. And with the new partnership between the Big Ten and Pac-12, the idea seems a perfect way to take full advantage of the agreement.

Still, a football game between Michigan State and USC in Greece would make the Trojan War analogy a little more appropriate. Maybe the Original Olympic stadium is too small for football, but there certainly are soccer stadiums big enough for a college football game. Add in a giant wooden horse, and things would be perfect.

(via The Lansing State Journal)

Big Tentacles: Isaiah Lewis, Mark Dantonio, and an alligator.

(Big Tentacles is the SWRT look at the Big Ten and the schools it not-so-secretly covets.)  

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.
Penn State acting athletic director David Joyner says that a deadline to replace former Nittany football coach Joe Paterno by Jan. 3 will not be met. (The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

I'm Moving On.
Michigan State safety Isaiah Lewis says he's put the Spartan's loss to Wisconsin in the first Big Ten championship in the past, and is focused on beating Georgia in the Jan. 2, 2012 Outback Bowl. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

Mark Dantonio brings an alligator to Michigan State's Outback Bowl practice.
There's a joke with the punch line "Only if you promise not to poke me in the eye, Coach" that comes to mind right now. But I'm not going to touch it. (Dr. Saturday)

Oh yeah, well we've got a stuffed monkey. Beat that!
Northwestern is bringing a stuffed monkey toy wearing a jersey with a no. 63 on it to Meineke Car Care Bowl-related events in Houston, symbolizing the school's 63-year losing streak in bowl games. (The Chicago Tribune)

Oh no, not again!
The Big Ten/Pac-12 partnership might mean a return of Big Ten football to Wrigley Field. How'd that work out last time? (The Chicago Tribune)

Time Is On My Side?
George Schroeder asks if Wisconsin's defense has had enough time between the Big Ten championship game and the present to full prepare for the speed of Oregon's offense. (The Register-Guard)

Raising Arizona. 
Iowa faces Oklahoma in the Insight Bowl tonight in Tempe, Az. (ESPN)

Ferentz is no Frodo. 
Iowa head football coach Kirk Ferentz has NOT chopped off his index finger. Because Black Heart Gold Pants said so. (Black Heart Gold Pants)

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Les, Miles, Jarvis Jones, DeAnthony Arnett, and more.

  (Covering Dixie Like Mildew is the SWRT roundup of SEC news, with the occasional pesky Southern school from another conference.)

Nashville Cats Dogs, play clean as country water. 
Bowl season for the SEC officially begins as Mississippi State faces Wake Forest in Nashville's Music City Bowl. (ESPN)

This just in:
Les Miles is "a good coach." (The Daily Advertiser)

Comfortably Numb. 
Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones says he's "comfortable" with his decision to stay at UGA, and not go into the 2012 NFL Draft. He was projected to be a first round draft pick. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

Stop Me If You Think That You've Heard This One Before.
Georgia players feel optimistic about the 2012 season after the release of the Bulldogs' 2012 schedule. 2008 anyone? (The Athens Banner-Herald)

An a-Maze-ing transformation.
Alabama wide reciever Marquis Maze says that becoming a father has made him more responsible and less self-centered. (

Don't Leave Me This Way. 
Tennessee wide receiver DeAnthony Arnett seeks a transfer, but the school is playing hardball with him. (The Knoxville News-Sentinel)

Accentuate the Positive. 
Tennessee's lack of a bowl game this season may actually be a financial plus to the Vols' athletic program. (The Knoxville News-Sentinel)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Big Tentacles: Mark Dantonio, Bo Pelini, Penn State, and more.

The Biggest Loser?
Who comes out with the short end of the stick in the new Big Ten/Pac-12 partnership? You guessed it, Notre Dame. (

Penn State job doesn't look like much now, but it cleans up well.
At least that's what I think the headline for David Whitley's article is supposed to be saying. (The Sporting News)

Penn State is the new SMU.
Because Mac Engel said so. Let's leave Craig James out of this, shall we? (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

All a-Twitter.
Michigan State head football coach Mark Dantonio and Georgia head football coach Mark Richt discussed the impact of social media on football at their Outback Bowl press conference Wednesday. (The Detroit Free Press)

Bo Pelini is not leaving Nebraska.
Because Bo Pelini said so. (Lincoln Journal-Star)

Ohio State recruiting report.
For all you guys that obsess over high school players more than you probably need to. (Eleven Warriors)

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Mark Richt, Brad Wing, Les Miles, and more.

Our long national nightmare is over.
The 2012 SEC football schedule is finally out. (SEC official website)

Done, done, on to the next one.
Now trying to figure out 2013's SEC schedule can begin. (The Birmingham News)

All a-Twitter.
Michigan State head football coach Mark Dantonio and Georgia head football coach Mark Richt discussed the impact of social media on football at their Outback Bowl press conference Wednesday. (The Detroit Free Press)

Do you come from the land Down Under?
Australian TV profiles LSU punter Brad Wing. Because, like, he's from Australia. (ninemsn)

Heavy, heavy, you got so heavy on me.
LSU head football coach Les Miles wasn't at all pleased that some of his players had gained some weight during the Christmas break. (The Town Talk)

Steve Spurrier: International Man of Mystery. 
Paul Finebaum says South Carolina head football coach has his mojo back. (

Family Affair. 
South Alabama tight end Corey McCarron is transferring to Alabama, where he'll get to be teammates with older brother, Tide quarterback A.J. McCarron. (The Sporting News)

I see the future, and it works. 
Tennessee can win eight games in 2012. Because Jay Greeson said so. (The Chattanooga Times-Free Press)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Big Ten and Pac-12 expand partnetship into regular season.

The Big Ten and the Pac-12 are expanding a partnership that goes beyond the Rose Bowl and obstructing any kind of playoff in FBS division college football. The new deal means that the conferences will increase regular season interconference play and pimping each others' conference on the conferences' respective cable networks.

"The new agreement will tie them throughout the regular season, as well — and in all sports, though football and basketball are the focal points.

By 2017, each team's nonconference football schedule will include one game against a team from the other league. One could be featured annually as a preseason kickoff event, perhaps staged at the Rose Bowl. Others could be played in neighboring NFL stadiums, including the planned Farmers Field in downtown Los Angeles, the San Francisco 49ers' new facility or Chicago's Soldier Field.

Basketball games similarly could land in such NBA arenas as Los Angeles' Staples Center or Chicago's United Center, four teams sometimes gathering for doubleheaders."

The new Big Ten/Pac-12 agreement could be seen as a healthy step in increasing the competition level the between the BCS conferences. Similar agreements with the other conferences would go a long way in making non-conference play more enjoyable. On the other hand, this can be seen as the two conferences trying to separate themselves more from the rest of the BCS schools, which doesn't bode well for the elusive dream of a playoff in Division I football.

(via USA Today)

Dancing in the Ruins: Texas, Oklahoma State, Craig James, and Texas A&M.

If we took a holiday, took some time to celebrate just one day out of life, it would be, it would be so nice.
Texas gets ready to face Cal in the Holiday Bowl. (SB*Nation)

Brothers of different mothers. 
Texas and Cal share similar total win-loss records (5-7), divisional win-loss records (4-5), and neither went to a bowl last season. (The San Francisco Chronicle)

Standing in the Shadows of Luck.
Oklahoma State's defense will be challenged in the Fiesta Bowl by Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck. (The Oklahoman)

Dubious achievement of the bowl season. 
There were Texas high school football state championship games that had more spectators than the first eight college football bowl games played this year. (Outkick the Coverage)

Everybody Hates Craig. 
There seems to be little support for former ESPN commentator Craig James in Texas for his run for the U.S. Senate. I'm sure James' involvement in the firing of former Texas Tech (and current Washington State) head football coach Mike Leach has nothing to do with that, right? (Sports By Brooks)

Texas A&M's move to SEC named the top Aggie story of the year.
Thank you, Captain Obvious. (Bryan-College Station Eagle)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Time for a big-time BCS title game halftime show?

A recent article in the Baton Rogue newspaper The Advocate discussed the expenses LSU and Alabama were having to pay to have their marching bands perform during halftime at the BCS title game.

"LSU senior associate athletic director Herb Vincent said the school needs 529 tickets for its band, cheerleaders and support staff. At $350 each — the highest face-value cost for BCS tickets because of their location — that’s $185,150 the school must pay.

The allotment for Alabama’s band is slightly more. Deborah Lane, assistant vice president for university relations, said the Alabama band needs 539 seats for a total cost of $188,650.

Overall, Vincent said, the total bill for the LSU band’s appearance at the BCS game will run to $445,150, including transportation, three night’s lodging, meals, police escorts and other miscellaneous costs.

Alabama did not provide the total amount for what it will cost to get its band to and from the game, though it’s easy to figure that its costs will be similar. That means it would be about $1 million combined for both bands to appear at the game."

That's a lot of money for schools to dish out for a couple of marching bands whose halftime performances will in all probability be only seen in full by the attendees of the BCS title game. This in a time where universities are having to tighten the belts wherever they can.

The costs to universities to send their marching bands to the BCS title game does bring up the question of whether the traditional-style college football halftime marching band performances should continue, or if it should be replaced by something else. Namely a Super Bowl-style halftime show musical performance.

College football traditionalists will probably scoff at such an idea, but facts are facts. The costs to schools for their football teams to play in mostly meaningless bowl games are going up, and the profitability (if any) of the trips is going down. It reported that Clemson will lose $185,000 for the Tigers' trip to the Orange Bowl. Bowl season is putting schools in the red as much as Christmas does some consumers.

The best solution is to keep the band members home, and go with a sponsored BCS halftime show featuring a nationally-known recording artist that (in theory) will keep viewers from turning the channel during halftime. This becomes more important if the game itself is either boring or has become a major blowout for one team over the other, or both.

Back in the 1990's, when Super Bowls were getting the bad reputation for being boring blow-outs, competing networks were starting to try to lure viewers away with counter-programming during the usually boring halftime shows that featured forgettable dance numbers and acts like Up With People. Remember the infamous live edition of In Living Color that FOX aired to compete with the Super Bowl XXIV halftime show? (Richard Gere and Carl Lewis do, thanks to the "Men on Football" sketch.) It's one of the reasons the Super Bowl started booking big-time acts like U2 and Bruce Springsteen.

ESPN, who currently holds the rights to the BCS title game, probably wouldn't shell out the big bucks for U2, but it could definitely pay to get somebody well known (or at least notable) to perform during halftime. There are certainly enough up-and-coming performers who would jump at the chance for such a high-profile gig. The same goes for any number of acts who's notoriety has cooled down a bit.

Simply put, the economics of the game are making it harder for schools to justify sending their marching bands to the BCS title, where their performances will only be seen by a few thousand people. The BCS is going to have to sooner or later going to have to go the way of the NFL and go to a big-time halftime show that would keep viewers from channel surfing. Even if that does mean having to bring in Kenny Chesney for the job.

(via The Advocate, The Post and Courier)

Big Tentacles: Kirk Cousins, Mark Dantonio, Dan Persa, and more.

(Big Tentacles is the SWRT look at the Big Ten and the schools it not-so-secretly covets.)  

You call be Cesar in a dark Caesar. 
Purdue represents the Big Ten in the Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl Tuesday evening as they go up against Western Michigan. Well, somebody had to do it. (National Football Post)

Putting the icing on the cake. 
Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins wants to finish his college football career with a victory against Georgia in the Outback Bowl. (The Detroit Free Press)

Finest Worksong.
Mark Dantonio will remember 2011 as his best season as Michigan State head football coach so far, even if the Spartans fall to Georgia in the Jan. 1 Outback Bowl. (The Grand Rapids Press)

Grace Under Pressure. 
Nebraska cornerback Alfonzo Dennard says he doesn't feel like he is under any pressure while getting ready for the Huskers' Capital One Bowl matchup against South Carolina. (The Lincoln Journal Star)

Leaving a mark. 
Northwestern senior QB Dan Persa hopes his work ethic had left a lasting mark on the Wildcats' football program. (ESPN)

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. 
Ohio State shouldn't allow the one-year bowl ban dropped on the program by the NCAA from spoiling the 2012 season. Because Doug Lesmerises said so. (The Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Taking It All Too Far. 
Criticism over some of the more extreme overreactions regarding Penn State and former Nittany Lions head football coach Joe Paterno in the wake of the Sardusky scandal. (The Express-Times)

Where Do We Go From Here?
Penn State may take a look at how big of a role athletics should take at the school after the Sardusky scandal. (The Sacramento Bee)

Twin sons of different mothers?
A look at the similarities between Rose Bowl opponents Wisconsin and Oregon. (Duck Downs)

Hero of the Day.
Jeff Potrykus profiles Wisconsin reserve linebacker Greg Russo, who served two tours of duty in Iraq as a member of the Wisconsin National Guard. (The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Mark Richt, Les, Miles, Derek Dooley, and more.

'Twas the day after Christmas...
And Mark Richt is in the returns and exchange line, trying to exchange Alabama for Missouri on Georgia's 2012 schedule. Wait, that schedule is finally out? (The Ledger-Enquirer)

Up in the Air.
Nope, the SEC 2012 schedule still isn't out. But there are some tidbits that have been leaked, or at least speculated on. (Saturday Down South)

It's the economy, stupid.
Worse-than-expected revenues may result in the Arkansas-Texas A&M game being moved from neutral-site Cowboys Stadium in Arlington into a regular home-at-home annual meeting on the SEC schedule. (The Bryant-College Station Eagle)

Nice guys finish first. 
And so can LSU head football coach Les Miles. (The Town Talk)

The waiting is the hardest part.
LSU will have waited 37 days between the period between winning the SEC Championship and playing Alabama for the BCS title on Jan. 9. 'Bama, on the other hand, will have been idle 44 days between defeating Auburn and the BCS title game. (The Birmingham News)

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday.
Tennessee head football coach Derek Dooley has a hard road ahead of him in the offseason. He has to win over the hearts and minds of potential recruiting candidates as well as the jaded Vols' fanbase. (The Knoxville News-Sentinel)

The Chemicals Between Us.
First-year Vanderbilt head football coach James Franklin is described as having "the right formula" for success for the Commodores. Let's not get too confident over a one-year performance. This is Vandy we're talking about here.  (The Commercial Appeal)

I've seen the future and it will be.
Predictions for the SEC's non-BCS bowl appearances from ESPN's Chris Low and Aschoff. They split on the Chick-fil-A bowl (Aschoff says Virginia beats Auburn. Low has Auburn coming out on top), and the Gator Bowl (Aschoff: Ohio State wins, Low: Florida wins). Otherwise, they both have the SEC rolling through the bowls. (ESPN)

And in case you're wondering about Missouri and Texas A&M, David Ubben has them defeating their opponents in the Independence and Meineke Car Care Bowls respectively. (ESPN)

Les Miles in a Santa hat? Les Miles in a Santa hat.

This is one of those images that really doesn't speaks for itself, doesn't it? Needless to say LSU head football coach does his "Mad Hatter" nickname justice with this image, taken from LSU wide receiver Russell Shepard's Twitter account.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Welcome to the Fallout: Charlie Weis, Bob Stoops, and more.

Up in the Air.
The 2012 SEC schedule has still not been released. (Knoxville News Sentinel)

Southern Miss is Big Kahuna in Hawaii Bowl.
Southern Miss beats Nevada 24-17 in the Hawaii Bowl. (

The Future is Now.
Looking at a post-Kellen Moore future at Boise State. (The Idaho Statesman)

Bob Stoops on the Hot Seat?
Bob Stoops on the Hot Seat. (The Oklahoman)

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
Kansas' hire of Charlie Weis as new head football coach is compared to the schools hire of Larry Brown as head men's basketball coach in 1983. (The Lawrence Journal-World)

Wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin'.
Utah is hoping that Sun Bowl opponent Georgia Tech's troubles in bowl games (i.e. it's losing streak) continue on Dec. 31. (The Salt Lake Tribune)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Be sure the remember the true reason we celebrate Christmas.

Game Day Goulash: Chris Petersen, Matt Barkley, Joe Paterno, and more.

 (Game Day Goulash is SWRT's  all-encompassing Game Day college football extravaganza.

Next in line.
Penn State is the latest suitor for Boise State head football coach Chris Petersen. (The Patriot-News)

This is for the questions that don't have any answers.
Kevan Lee has some questions for Boise State arising before the Broncos open their 2012 season against Michigan State. (One Bronco Nation Under God)

You Decorated My Life.
How did USC quarterback Matt Barkley reveal his decision to return to the school in 2011 to Trojan head football coach Lane Kiffin? Via a Christmas ornament he made for the coach. There's an NCAA rules violation here somewhere. (The Last Angry Fan)

The Mirror Has Two Faces. 
Matt Hinton takes a look at former Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno, and the contradictions between his public face and his handling of the Sandusky scandal. (Dr. Saturday)

Raw Deal.
A Penn State alum asks if Joe Paterno has gotten more of the blame for the Sardusky matter than he deserves. A liltte biased admittedly, but he raises some good points. (The PostGame)

 There's a possibility, but no chance.
BJ Bennett asks if Georgia could become the preseason number one team in 2012. (Southern Pigskin)

At least it's something. 
Nevada faces Southern Miss tonight in the Hawaii Bowl. (

Friday, December 23, 2011

Game Day Goulash: Matt Barkley, Georgia, Ohio St., and more.

Okay, this isn't quite a game day. Unless you consider last-minute shopping at the mall head-to-head competition. Let's just call it a gateway to the heart of the the bowl season and get it over with.

It's a good thing.
Matt Barkley's decision to return to USC for his senior season is celebrated by Mike Lopresti. (USA Today)

Clemson the top storyline in the ACC for 2011.
Because Chadd Scott said so. (

USC deserved harsher penalties for its NCAA rules violations than Ohio State did for theirs.  
Because Elika Sadeghi said so. (Eleven Warriors)

Those were the days, my friend. We thought they'd never end.
Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo recalls the 1998 Outback Bowl, where as a quarterback he led the Dawgs to a 33-6 victory over Wisconsin. Back then Bulldog fans actually liked him. (The Athens Banner-Herald).

Out in the west Texas town of El Paso.
El Paso, site of the Sun Bowl, ranks at the top of Lost Lettermen's list of the "Top Ten Worst College Football Bowl Locations." It's close proximity to Mexico and the never-ending drug wars there are given as one of the main reasons. (Lost Lettermen)

The Greatest Gift of All.
Michigan State gives players the Nike Pro Combat gold helmets used in the team's victory against Michigan rivals this season. Gentlemen, start your e-Bay searches. (The Lansing State Journal)

A Few Small Repairs. 
Michigan State may use money donated to the school by alum Magic Johnson and head men's basketball coach Tom Izzo to make improvements to Spartan Stadium. (The Detroit Free Press)

Iowa is "The Harvard of Coaching."
There are Hawkeye fans who would dispute that after this season. At least among the batch current coaching staff of Kirk Ferentz. (The Wall Street Journal)

LSU welcomes Missouri to the SEC jungle.

The South is known for it's hospitality. So it's not that big of a shock that LSU placed this ad in The Shreveport Times featuring the cosplaying version of Mike the Tiger to send best wishes to newest SEC member Missouri in the 2011 AdvoCare Independence Bowl on Dec. 26. It also invites LSU fans to go watch Mizzou face UNC.  A nice Christmas gesture from the main Tiger-nicknamed school in the SEC West to the newest Tiger team. (Yes, Auburn gets points away that War Eagle thing).

Still, it would have been funnier if the ad were something a little more on the lines of this classic Uncanny X-Men cover.

A far more accurate description of how things are going to be for Missouri (and Texas A&M) in the SEC if there ever was one.

 (via Los Sports Blog, KSPR)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Virginia Tech Hokie kicker winds up in the pokey.

Cody Journell's mugshot.
Virginia Tech kicker Cody Journell won't be making the trip to New Orleans with the rest of the team for the Sugar Bowl. This is because this particular Hokie was suspended by the school after being arrested by Blacksburg, Va. police on charges of breaking and entering.

"Blacksburg Police say the 20-year-old Journell was one of three men charged Wednesday night, after an alleged home invasion. Police said the men were arrested after officers responded to a report of a “physical altercation” at a house near downtown.

Journell, a redshirt sophomore from Ripplemead, Va., was 14-for-17 on field-goal attempts this season.

Athletic director Jim Weaver said Journell has been suspended. The 17th-ranked Hokies play Michigan in the Sugar Bowl on Jan. 3."

Obviously having a Hokie in the Pokey isn't exactly pleasing for Virginia hed football coach Frank Beamer.  Don't be shocked if Journell is an ex-Hokie before long. If these charges end up being true, Journell is a real turkey for breaking into a house at Christmas.

(via The Detroit Free Press. Mugshot via The Daily Progress)

College Football Hashtag Clearinghouse.

 There didn't seem to be a site on the Internet that collected college football related hashtags, so I made this one. Please note this list isn't complete, as all teams and hashtags aren't fully represented. But I'll keep this list updated as time allows. The hashtags listed are the ones that appear most in a search on Twitter.

Just a little advice I've come to find out with hashtags. Team names will get you what you're looking for sports-wise a little better than school names. Also, if you use a hashtag for a school like #Georgia or #Florida, you make get more generic tweets related to the state than the school itself.

And now the list.

College Football Teams

Akron Zips - #Akron #Zips

Alabama Crimson Tide - #Alabama #Bama #RollTide

Arizona State Sun Devils - #ArizonaSt #ArizonaState #ASU

Arkansas Razorbacks - #Arkansas #GoHogs #Hogs #Razorbacks #WooPigSooie #WPS

Arkansas State Red Wolves
- #Astate #astAte

Army Black Knights - #GoArmyBeatNavy

Auburn Tigers - #Auburn #AuburnTigers #WarEagle

Baylor Bears - #Baylor #Bears #SicEm

Boise State Broncos - #BoiseSt

Boston College Eagles - #BC #BCEagles #BostonCollege #WeAreBC

BYU Cougars - #BYU

California Golden Bears #Bears #Cal #GoBears

Clemson Tigers - #Clemson

Colorado Buffaloes - #Buffs #CU #CUBuffs #GoBuffs 

Colorado State - #ColoradoState #Rams

Connecticut Huskies - #UConn

Duke Blue Devils - #BlueDevils #Duke

Florida Gators - #Florida #Gators #GatorNation

Florida State Seminoles - #FearTheSpear #FloridaState #FSU #GoNoles #Noles #UF

Fresno State Bulldogs
- #FresnoState

Georgia Bulldogs - #Dawgs #Georgia #GoDawgs #UGA

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets - #GaTech #GoJackets #GT #RamblingWreck #YellowJackets

Hawaii Warriors
- #Hawaii #Warriors

Houston Cougars - #Houston

Illinois Fighting Illini - #Illini #Illinois

Indiana Hoosiers - #Hoosiers #Indiana

Iowa Hawkeyes  - #Hawkeyes #Iowa

Iowa State Cyclones - #Cyclones #ISU #IowaSt

Kansas Jayhawks - #Jayhawks #JayhawkNation #Kansas #KU #KUBBall #KUFootball #RockChalk

Kansas State Wildcats - #KansasSt #KState

Kentucky Wildcats - #GoBigBlue #GoCats #KentuckyWildcats #UK #WeAreUK

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs - #LaTech #LouisianaTech

Louisville Cardinals - #Louisville #Cardinals

LSU Tigers - #GeauxTigers #LSU #Tigers

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Terry Bowden Zip-lines into Akron.

There's a Bowden back in the ranks of FBS division coaches. Terry Bowen has left his job as head football coach at the Division II North Alabama to become head football coach at Akron. Bowden coached at Auburn from 1993-1998. He had  been coaching North Alabama beginning in 2009.

(via The Canton Repository)

An Alabama-themed Christmas Tree.

Continuing with this weeks collegiate Christmas tree meme, it a given that I'd get around to Alabama sooner or later. And what an Alabama tree it is! Like any self-respecting Alabama-themed tree, this one is topped with a Bear Bryant-esque hat. Sadly, it isn't the classic houndstooth hat, but one must adapt what they have on hand, I suppose.

(via Destination Unknown. Warning: There's at least one Freudian NSFW pic of a woman who should never be allowed to be in a NSFW pic in the related article.)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Georgia player wears Michigan State shorts to team meeting, gets called out by coach.

The Aaron Murray fashion faux pas bug is apparently infecting his fellow teammates at Georgia, namely wide receiver Michael Bennett (at left). Bennett was busted by a Bulldog assistant coach for wearing a pair of Michigan State shorts to a wide receiver meeting during team practices for the Outback Bowl.

Georgia is playing Michigan State in the Outback Bowl on Jan. 2. OOPS!

"Assistant coach Tony Ball called him out in front of his teammates, who are preparing to face the Spartans in the Jan 2 Outback Bowl, and asked Bennett to explain what he was wearing.
“I didn’t realize I put them on,” Bennett said. “That wasn’t really smart. I’ll throw those away.”

Bennett grew up a Spartan fan, as his father was a Michigan State alum. The family attended the last meeting between the Bulldogs and Spartans in the 2009 Capital One Bowl (Georgia won 24-10). Bennett "wore green and white" for the game.

“Blood is a lot thicker than your alma mater status,” said Jon Bennett, who hails from Farmington, Mich., outside Detroit, while Beth, a Central Michigan grad, is from Blissfield, between Ann Arbor, Mich., and Toledo, Ohio. “We’re red and black through and through now.”

After living in Georgia for 16 years now (the family lives in Alpharetta). Jon Bennett said he’s not quite as big of a Spartans backer as he used to be, but some things remain the same.

“We still hate the Wolverines, we still hate the Buckeyes,” he said."

I'm sure Mark Richt would love to hear that from his freshman wide receiver who made 31 catches this season, along with five touchdowns. Bennett will be okay just as long as he doesn't go full throttle Aaron Murray and get caught wearing Michigan State gear on the internet.

(via The Athens Banner-Herald)

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Mike Stoops, Robert Lester, Mark Richt, and more.

Christmas in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
 (Covering Dixie Like Mildew is the SWRT roundup of SEC news, with the occasional pesky Southern school from another conference.)

Meaningless bowl item of the day.
Marshall defeats Florida International in the Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl 20-10. (

Carolina in My Mind?
Former Arizona State Mike Stoops could possibly end up replacing the recently departed Ellis Johnson as the defensive coordinator at South Carolina. Ellis left the Gamecocks to become head football coach at Southern Miss. (College Football Talk)

Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Alabama safety Robert Lester is debating on whether to return for his seniorn year, or to enter the 2012 NFL Draft. (

The High Cost of Winning.
USA singles out Alabama, Auburn, and LSU as being among the college football programs with the highest paid coaching staffs. (USA Today)

On the other side of the coin...
Georgia head football coach Mark Richt's generosity towards underpaid staff members is declared a secondary violations by the NCAA. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.
Florida promotes graduate assistant Jeff Blasko to be its new quarterbacks coach. Former QB coach Charlie Weis left to become head football coach at Kansas. (The Gainesville Sun)

Lowered Expectations.
Florida's 2010 recruiting class loses more and more of its bite as more players from that class transfer out of the program. (The Orlando Sentinel)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

NCAA banhammers Ohio State.

Brutus won't be smiling for long.
The Apocalypse has come to Columbus, Ohio. The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that Ohio State will be banned from postseason play by the NCAA in 2012. This as result from the Tresselgate scandal involving players receiving improper benefits, and former head football coach Jim Tressel's failure to report the incident.

Oh wait, it gets worse. The NCAA dropped the banhammer even further.

"In its ruling to be made public this afternoon, the NCAA Committee of Infractions will levy the bowl ban and two other penalties on top of the ones the university already imposed on itself, the sources said. The NCAA will:

* Strip four more football scholarships over the next three years on top of Ohio State’s prior forfeiture of five scholarships over that span.

* Add an additional year of probation to OSU’s self-imposed two-year probation for the football program, meaning any violations through the 2013 season could draw harsher-than-normal penalties.

The NCAA also will hand a show-cause penalty to former head coach Jim Tressel for failing to report that some team members improperly sold memorabilia and for allowing ineligible players to compete throughout the 2010 season."

So essentially this means that Urban Meyer is the new Lane Kiffin, whose hire made a big splash, then was overwhelmed when the NCAA made a bigger splash with its sanctions  against his new employers (USC, in Kiffin's case). It seems that neither Meyer nor Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith saw this coming out of the NCAA's investigation of the incident. At least they'll get comfort that the Buckeyes will be bowl eligible after the 2013 season. Unless the NCAA sanctions go farther than the Dispatch reports they are.

(via The Columbus Dispatch)

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Mark Richt, Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl, Knile Davis, and more.

The Christmas tree in the lobby of the Peabody Hotel in Memphis.
Season's Greetings.
Christmas messages from your favorite SEC coaches, or internet facsimiles thereof. (The Belly of the Beast)

Where's the Beef?
Previewing tonight's Beef "O' Brady's Bowl featuring Florida International against Marshal. Frankly I'm not sure which is more surprising; that the Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl is still around, or that Beef 'O' Brady's is still around. (ESPN)

My Grown Up Christmas List. 
Fletcher Proctor looks at what Georgia head football coach Mark Richt may be wanting for Christmas. My suggestion: Select something from the Samaritan's Purse Gift Catalog and put it in his name. He and the people it helps will appreciate it a lot. (

Same as it ever was. 
Georgia's special teams unit "hasn't been up to par" this season. Because Gerogia cornerback  Brandon Boykin said so. (The Chattanooga Times-Free Press)

Reply hazy, try again.
Running back Knile Davis' future as an Arkansas Razorback is up in the air at the moment. (The Arkansas News)

I Will Remember You.
Alabama offensive lineman Barrett Jones and wide receiver Brandon Gibson reflect on Tide offensive coordinator Jim McElwain, who is leaving to become head football coach at Colorado State. (

Conspiracy Theory.
Jay Coulter is speculating about the motives behind Alabama high school running back T.J. Yeldon's decision to switch his college commitment from Auburn to Alabama. (Track 'Em Tigers)

Fly Like an Eagle. 
Southern Miss will reportedly name South Carolina assistant head coach Ellis Johnson as the Golden Eagles' head football coach. (ESPN)

Playing catch-up.
New Ole Miss head football coach Hugh Freeze is trying to make up for lost time on the recruiting trail. (The Clarion Ledger)

Today is Judgement Day for Ohio State.

Adam Rittenberg of ESPN is reporting that the NCAA infractions committee will be handing down its ruling on Ohio State's involvement with Tresselgate Tuedsay afternoon.

"Athletic director Gene Smith told the Associated Press that the infractions committee will issue its ruling at 3 p.m. ET. The ruling comes nearly a year after Ohio State revealed that six players had committed NCAA violations by trading memorabilia items in change for tattoos and cash. In March, Buckeyes coach Jim Tressel revealed that he had known about the violations since the previous spring but did not inform anyone else at Ohio State. Tressel's admission led to his resignation in late May."

It will be interesting to see if Ohio State's self-imposed sanctions (which included the vacating of all wins from the 2010 season) will be enough to keep the NCAA from dropping the kind of banhammer in the manner it did with USC. New Buckeye head football coach Urban Meyer could be finding himself in the same boat that USC's Lane Kiffen has, facing a ban from the postseason bowls to begin his tenure.

(via ESPN)

Geaux Christmas tree: an LSU Christmas tree.

Continuing with this week's series of college football-themed Christmas Trees, here's an LSU tree from around 2009. Not impressed? If you have a college-themed tree in your home, send me an image via Twitter at @SWRTWrightBlan. Feel free to follow me there as well.

Big Tentacles: Brady Hoke, Dan Persa, Bo Pelini, and more.

No, Sparty. That's not a bulldog.
(Big Tentacles is the SWRT look at the Big Ten and the schools it not-so-secretly covets.)  

May the road rise with you.
First-year Michigan head football coach Brady Hoke makes Matt Hayes' list of "Five Coaches on the Rise." (The Sporting News)

I'm Not Perfect, But I'm Perfect For You. 
Northwestern quarterback Dan Persa's height disadvantage won't keep him from having "a bright future in the NFL. Because his head coach, Pat Fitzgerald said so. (The Chicago Tribune)

Get used to it. 
Nebraska fans should learn to "get used to" Husker's head football coach Bo Pelini' name being constantly mentioned as a candidate for other coaching jobs. Because Tom Shatel said so. (The Omaha World-Herald)

Leaving on his own terms. 
Notre Dame linebacker Manti T'eo said he decided not to leave the school for the 2012 NFL Draft because of his desire to be remembered as "the best linebacker and the best defensive player to ever leave" South Bend. (The Chicago Tribune)

What a long, strange trip it's been. 
Michigan State wide receiver Keith Nichol reflects on his roller-coaster college football career, including the now-legendary catch in the Spartans' regular-season victory over Wisconsin. (FOX Sports Detroit)

Please come to Boston.
Michigan State offensive lineman Chris McDonald will spend Christmas in Boston visiting his older brother, rookie New England Patriot  OL Nick McDonald. (The Detroit Free Press)

All Eyez On Me.
Wisconsin offensive coordinator Paul Chryst is being eyed as a favorite in the search for a new head football coach for Pittsburgh. (The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

The Downward Spiral.
Purdue sees a decline in football program revenue for the third year in a row. (The Indianapolis Star)

The toxicity of our city.
The search for Joe Paterno's replacement as Penn State head football coach is being described as a "toxic situation." (The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Shower the People.
Deadspin's recent obsession with the Penn State football team's shower area is almost creepy as...well, you know. (Deadspin)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Isaiah Crowell, Derek Dooley, and more.

(Covering Dixie Like Mildew is the SWRT roundup of SEC news, with the occasional pesky Southern school from another conference.)

Just be patient. I'm a work in progress.
Georgia tailback Isaiah Crowell says he needs "to be more accountable and handle my responsibilities better" when asked what lessons he's learned after his first tumultuous season in Athens. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Georgia back-up quarterback Hutson Mason is debating on whether to stay at Georgia or transfer to another school. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

It's getting hot in here. 
Tennessee head football coach Derek Dooley and Kentucky head football coach Joker Phillips listed one and two on Matt Hayes' list of coaches who are "in trouble in 2012." (The Sporting News)

All we need is just a little patience. 
Will Shelton tells Tennessee fans to be patient with Derek Dooley, and reminds them of the ups and downsof other SEC football programs. (Rocky Top Talk)

Ready to Start.
Alabama begins its practices for the BCS title game showdown against LSU. (

Changing sides. 
Alabama high school running back TJ Yeldon changes his commitment from Auburn to Alabama. (Opelika-Auburn News)

Matt McGloin speaks out on recent altercation with Penn St. teammate.

Penn State quarterback Matt McGoin met with the media today and discussed the alleged altercation between himself and teammate, wideout Curtis Drake. McGloin took responsibility for the incident, and referred to his being hospitalized after the incident as due to "a freak accident." He denies that Drake punched him out.

"As a quarterback for this university I feel as if I'm held to a higher standard," McGloin said. "I feel as if I'm a role model for younger kids. Coaches look at me to lead this team. I'm man enough to say I'm gonna take responsibility for it. It was my fault. It shouldn’t have happened. With everything going on with this university right now, we don’t need another distraction.

"It was immature," McGloin added. "The incident was ill-timed. To put Coach Bradley in this position, the man’s been through enough. My heart breaks for him, and we’re gonna do the best we can to try to fix this."

The fight carried into the locker room after McGloin and Drake got into a shouting match during a passing drill.

"As [Drake] came over toward me I couldn’t back away," McGloin said. "We just grabbed each other. It didn't last more than 10 seconds."

Interlocked with each other, their momentum carried them to the ground. McGloin's left shoulder hit the thin carpeting first, leaving a bruise, and his head snapped back and hit the ground. He called it a freak accident.

"That's the last thing I remember," McGloin said. "The last thing I remember is waking up on the stretcher."

Here's some video from the meeting with reporters.


Dancing in the Ruins: Mike Gundy, Mack Brown, Robert Griffin III, and more.

 (Dancing in the Ruins is SWRT's look at the Big XII Conference. Or at least what's left of it.)  

Higher and Higher. 
Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy and Baylor head football coach Art Briles represent the Big 12 on Matt Hayes' list of "Five Coaches on the Rise." (The Sporting News)

The Man Who Fell to Earth.
Meanwhile, Texas head football coach Mack Brown lands on Hayes' list of coaches "in trouble in 2012." (The Sporting News)

Be True to Your School.
Fiesta Bowl opposing head football coaches Mike Gundy and David Shaw of Stanford are both alums of their respective schools. (Barry Tramel's Blog)

Welcome to the Boomtown.
Bryan Curtis details how Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III is part of a QB boom in Texas which also includes Stanford QB Andrew Luck, and current NFL QB's Drew Brees and Matthew Stafford. (The New York Times)

I'm Movin' On.
Oklahoma freshman running back Brandon Williams is transferring to Texas A&M. (Bryant-College Station Eagle)

It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday.
Missouri safeties coach Barry Odom says it was a difficult decision to leave Gary Pinkel's coaching staff to become defensive coordinator for Memphis. He did it anyway, though. (The Columbia Daily Tribune)

O-H-I-O Christmas Tree: An Ohio State-themed Christmas tree.

Since I posted an image of  a Georgia Bulldog-themed Christmas tree a last Friday, I might as well post one for an Ohio State-themed tree too. Luckily, none of the ornaments are as disturbing as the decapitated bulldog head on the UGA tree. Those those Tim Tressel anf Kirk Herbstreit bobble heads come close. No Santa in a red sweater vest ornaments, though. That's kind of a letdown.


Big Tentacles: Matt McGloin, Urban Meyer, Bobby Knight, and more.

 (Big Tentacles is the SWRT look at the Big Ten and the schools it not-so-secretly covets.)  

Back to the daily grind.
Penn State quarterback Matt McGloin returned to practice on Sunday after being hospitalized following an alleged altercation between himself and Nittany Lion wideout Curtis Drake, but did not participate in any on-the-field activities.  (The Patriot-Review)

 Fun Christmas party fact of the day. 
2011 marks the first time since 1914 that both Penn State and Pittsburgh are looking for head football coaches at the same time. (The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Pitt looking at Fickell? 
Outgoing Ohio State head football coach Luke Fickell said he has had talks with Pitt about replacing that school's vacant head football coaching position. (The Columbus Dispatch)

What's mine is mine. What's yours is mine.
Incoming Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer snatches up another recruit as blue-chip Pennsylvania high school defensive end Noah Spence commits to the Buckeyes. (The Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? 
Graham Filler questions whether Wisconsin should continue with signing one-year transfer students by going after former Notre Dame quarterback Dayne Crist. 2011 Badger QB Russell Wilson previously had played for NC State. (Off Tackle Empire)

We must protect this House!
Northwestern signs a deal with Under Armour to be the school's official uniform provider. (Lake the Posts)

Throwing a Fitz. 
Add Northwestern head football coach Pat Fitzgerald to the list to those upset with the waiver given to Ohio State by the NCAA allowing the school to have two extra coaching staff members while preparing for both the Gator Bowl and transitioning to new head football coach Urban Meyer. (The Chicago Tribune)

Get This Party Started. 
Michigan State begins practices for the Jan. 2 showdown against Georgia in the Outback Bowl. (The Detroit Free Press)


What a Night for a Knight.
Ohio State will honor college basketball coaching legend and Buckeye alum Bobby Knight during Tuesday's home game against Lamar. Lamar is coached by Knight's son, Pat. (The Columbus Dispatch)