Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Trump wants Mike Leach to coach Miami? Better yet, make Leach an Apprentice

Donald Trump pimping for Mike Leach to get the head coaching job at Miami? In some dark perverse way, this makes a lot of sense. Who better for the obnoxious (alleged) billionaire to promote for a job than an even obnoxious ex-football coach? (Well, Jon Gruden. But you can't expect Donald Trump to go with the rest of the pack, can you?)
This does, however, bring up an idea that is just waiting to happen-Mike Leach on the Celebrity Apprentice. This would be such an "On Snap!" moment that it seriously needs to happen. Imaging Leach making some over-famous goober like reported 2011 cast members Jose Canseco or Latoya Jackson stand in an electrical shed? That would really be Must See TV. Make it happen, Trump!

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