Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shirts Without Random Triangles: A Ryan Mallett t-shirt? Well, almost.

It's not quite a Ryan Mallett t-shirt. Which makes it a lot better. Friends of the Program is responsible for the fake Twitter "Summer of Mallett," featuring a hard-living, hard drinking, "Ladies man" who would make Arkansas' most famous son, Bill Clinton jealous. His cross-country summer tour, that eventually landed him in Tiger Woods sex rehab clinic.

So what better way to honor Arkansas' trip to the Sugar Bowl than your own Summer of Mallett/Sugar Bowl t-shirt to honor Mallett's "Family Arm?" or his actual throwing arm for that matter.  That's just the front of the shirt. Here's the not-quite politically correct back:

And guess what?  It works well with any pair of black socks and sandals.

What could be better? Well, maybe a "Summer of Mallett" hoodie, so you could look cool while you're riding on  your scooter.

(via Friends of the Program)

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