Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Dan Mullen to Florida speculation is already starting. But should it look at Gus Malzahn?

Well, that didn't take long. There is already lots of speculation going around that Dan Mullen will be the logical successor to Urban Meyer at Florida. Mullen was Meyer's assistant for his championship years, and it would make a lot of sense.
But Jim Harris of Arkansas Sports 360 may have inadvertently brought another possible coaching candidate. One which, though not the "number one" big time coach, would make an  intriguing candidate for the Florida job.

"But then that opens up a spot in Starkville for another up-and-comer like Mullen. And who would be more of an assistant on the rise than Broyles Award winner Gus Malzahn? The Fort Smith native, who was in Little Rock Monday to receive the Broyles Award as the nation's best assistant coach this season, has coordinated the offense at Auburn the past two years and took Newton and produced big numbers for the unbeaten SEC champion Tigers this season. Before that, he took Tulsa to the top of the NCAA offensive categories for two seasons before getting Gene Chizik's attention and joining Chizik on the plains in Alabama."

Malzahn as Mullen's replacement at Mississippi State would be a most logical place for Malzahn to land after working wonders as Gene Chizik's offensive coordinator. But what if Florida skipped over Mullen, and instead hired Malzahn? To some Gator fans, it might not be the sexiest choice to replace Meyer, but Florida might not be able to resist hiring a rising star instead of  raiding another SEC school's coach.
(And yes, somebody has already brought up Gruden's name too. Shut up, Chip.)

(via Arkansas Sports 360)


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