Sunday, December 26, 2010

Big Tentacles: Jim Tressel, Ricky Stanzi, RichRod, and more.

(Big Tentacles is the SWRT look at the Big Ten and the schools it not-so-secretly covets.) 

This just in. The rumors about Jim Tressel being out at Ohio State are total bull. (The Sports Bank)

The story about Jim Tressel being a serial killer is also not true. But it is still funny. (Black Heart Gold Pants)

Gold Pants, sans Black Hearts. Ohio State Buckeye brothers Connor and Spencer Smith gave the gold pants trinkets they earned for defeating Michigan to their mom, and wouldn't dare of selling them like Terrelle Pryor did. (Columbus Dispatch)

That Don't Impress Me Much. America's Quarterback, Ricky Stanzi isn't too excited about his stats as Iowa quarterback. The Hawkeye's late-season meltdown has a lot to do with it. (The Gazette (Cedar Rapids))

All The Right Moves. Wisconsin senior offensive lineman John Moffitt considered entering the NFL Draft after last season. Instead, he stayed in school, helped the Badgers win a Big Ten title, and will be playing in the Rose Bowl. And he helped raise his stock for this coming NFL Draft too. (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

The trouble with RichRod. Detroit News columnist Neal Rubin explains why  Rich Rodriguez's character issues should be taken into account whether he stays or goes at Michigan. (Detroit News) - 
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