Friday, October 29, 2010

Your last minute Ricky Stanzi Halloween costume.

So, you dithered around all month and didn't get around to buying that cool Halloween costume. Chill out, dude. Here's the perfect get-up for you. Go to the party as America's Quarterback, Ricky Stanzi. Apparently the get-up is pretty simple enough. Just check out at what Stanzi usually wears to media events.

"When Stanzi arrives at a media gathering on Oct. 19, he’s immediately swarmed by cameras and microphones, recorders, and Flip Cams. Wearing his typical outfit — a gray Iowa-football-licensed hooded sweatshirt, black shorts, and his ever comfortable-looking Vibram Five Fingers sandals (seriously, Google them) — Stanzi is backed up against a wall of windows. Literally. He answers questions in a monotone only Ferentz can emulate, his interests seemingly elsewhere."

Okay, maybe the Iowa sweatshirt might be tough to find in some areas of the country. Just ask around some of the local sports retailers (especially the ones that specialize in college football apparel) to see if they have one or how quick they could get one for you. Or you could use an replica Iowa football jersey as substitute.

And don't forget the Vibram Five Fingers. No real Ricky Stanzi Halloween costume is complete without them.

Find a suitable long brown wig and you're set. Of course you may want to carry an American flag for an added effect. 

(via The Daily Iowan)

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