Sunday, October 17, 2010

What's Urban Meyer thinking?

"Alright, who died and made me Mark Richt?"

"I knew things were going to go off the rails fast when Dan Mullen came up to me before the game and said “When I left you, I was but the learner, now I am the master.” I thought the black was a little too much, though."

"Thanks, Addazio, you've been a lot of help this year. You've been about as useful as men's room attendant in a convent."

"How do I know Addazio is the hated most man in Florida? When his only supporter is Mike Bianchi."

"Why did I leave Utah in the first place? Oh yeah, now I remember. The administration was on to my stash of Mountain Dew in my office." 

"At least I've learned one thing from Mark Richt. When in trouble, have incompetent assistant coaches who can serve as scapegoats close at hand." 

"And oh yeah, Richt. I heard about your little "Orange in the new black" comment last week. Just wait 'till the Cocktail Party, mister. I'm going to be letting a lot of pent-up frustration out in Jacksonville."

 "Joker Phillips has been leaving me messages all night. I guess he wants a little advice after Spurrier and South Carolina kicked his team's...WHAT? Kentucky beat South Carolina? Oh, crap!"

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