Monday, October 18, 2010

What's Chris Petersen thinking?

"What? Boise State's third in the BCS? Aw, geez! Punk'd again!"

"Chokelahoma is the number one team in the BCS? Seriously? I've got two words for that: Go Huskers! What? Nebraska's not on the schedule? Oh well, there's always that Big XII matchup to hope for."

"Too bad victories in previous seasons don't count in the BCS. 'Cause it just so happens we kicked both Oregon and Oklahoma's butts before."

"Off Tackle Empire has us playing Ohio State in the Rose Bowl. I think I'll did up my blue sweater vest out of the closet to annoy Jim Tressel just in case."

"Then again, the Rose Bowl will probably punk us there and pick whatever team finished second in the Pac-10. I mean they picked Illinois over Georgia a few years ago. Really, Rose Bowl."

"I just have to remember that we only need to be Number Two at the end of the year."

"Thanks for losing last week, Nevada and Oregon St. You really did our strength of schedule a world of good there."

"Okay, confession time. I thought my promo for ESPN College Gameday was kind of lame too."

"Oh, and congrats to Washington's Steve Sarkisian on that victory against Oregon St. You're off my Christmas card list, dude."

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