Sunday, October 17, 2010

UGA VIII: They Call Me Bruce

UGA VIII (left) faces off with interim mascot Russ (right)
Despite being officially given the title of UGA VIII in front of the  homecoming crowd before Georgia's victory against Vanderbilt, many in the crowd were shouting out "Bruuuce," in honor of the new mascot's given name, Big Bad Bruce. The name was given to honor the UGA dynasty's veterinarian, Bruce Hollett.
"He'll be known across the country as Uga. He has to be," said UGA grad Kyle Renz. "But here, I think some people will call him Bruce." Friend and fellow alumnus Josh Honea isn't so sure.
"I think he'll be known as Uga. There's too much history there," Honea said after the game.
Other fans gave similar reviews. "Bruce" sounds like a down-to-earth, hard worker, some said - the sort of mascot the Bulldogs can use right now.
Older alums tended to eschew Uga VIII's given name. The shout from the crowd was a one-time introductory welcome, most said.
Younger grads and current students were more likely to approve of the name and predict that fans will use it as a type of nickname for Uga VIII."
The Bulldog Nation seems to be a little divided on the subject. Oh well. Honestly calling him "Uga The Bruce" has a nice ring to it. It invokes images of Braveheart and the legendary Scottish king, Robert the Bruce. Though It's doubtful that the Seiler family, who has taken care of the UGA Dynasty since day one, will be willing to paint UGA VIII's face half-blue.

(via the Athens Banner-Herald)

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