Monday, October 11, 2010

Shocking news out of Alabama: Nick Saban has a potty mouth

After a weekend where the state of Alabama was rocked to its foundations to the Crimson Tide's loss to South Carolina (and if you think I'm kidding, you didn't listen to Paul Finebaum's radio show today), the Heart of Dixie was hit my another shocking event. The discovery that Nick Saban uses words you probably wouldn't say in front of your mama.

"The focus is not on what you need to do to be successful," Saban said. "It's drinking the Kool-Aid, thinking that just because they say it on ESPN, it's so, reading the newspapers all week. Just because you beat Florida 31-6, people start talking about you being the best team in the country. We're not the best team in the country. ...We had the best team in the country last year. We proved it. We proved it over 14 games. This team hasn't proved s***. Excuse my language. That's how I feel about it. I'm really upset that I used bad language. I'm sorry. I'm sure I'll get some letters on that, and should."

What's worse, as Adam Jacobi noted, Saban didn't even use proper English.
"What every self-respecting adult knows you should have said is as follows:
We proved it over 14 games. This team hasn't proven s***. Excuse my language."

Grief councellors, already overwhelmed with handling Tide fans distraught over the loss, are bracing for an onslaught of Alabamans not being able to handle the fact that Nick Saban might swear like a sailor.

(via CBS College Football Blog)

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Anonymous said...

How & why is that so "shocking?" Making so much out of nothing. What the writer won't do to attract some attention. Seems as though no one is reading. Even Coach Bobby Bowden used a cuss word (dadgum) frequently.

Richard Heath