Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dawgageddon: Mark Richt is thinking happier thoughts this week.

"Hey, Urban! I heard orange is the new black this year. Any truth to that?"

"By the way, Urban, were those the uniforms you're planning to wear when the Gators play the Dawgs in Jacksonville? They're not? Crud."

 "Les Miles is more lucky than good. That, or he has ties to Buffalo Wild Wings."

"Well, the good news is that Georgia beat the Vols. The bad news is that we can only beat the Vols when it really doesn't matter.

"I'm glad I took the advice of that caller into my radio show suggesting I lead the team onto the field for the game. I just hope nobody suggests I run on the field naked for the next game."

"While I'm on the subject, remind me to ask Greg McGarity about those plans to put Casey Clausen in the Georgia Ring of Honor."

"I thought there was a fire at the Butts-Meare building this week when I saw white smoke coming from the rooftrop. It turns out it was just the announcement that Sonny Seiler had finally chosen a new bulldog to be UGA VIII. I didn't think things needed to be that dramatic."


Anonymous said...

beat the gators !!! go dawgs!

Anonymous said...

While I wasn't happy with the lackluster results of losing those games, I wasn't one of those fair weather fans, who wanted Richt fired.

We still have a chance to win the SEC East, so let's hunker down and get the job done.
Maybe if we win the East, the SEC Championship and the Sugar Bowl, those naysayers will shut up for awhile.


Anonymous said...

We still control our own destiny right now, as long as we continue to play as a team. One game at a time, we need to be focused this week as we play Kentucky. Remeber Kentucky beat South Carolina, and almost upset Auburn. This comes to show, kentucky isnt a lackluster team anymore. Hopefully the Dawg nation will support our Dawgs as we ride to Kentucky... Lets not look forward to Florida game just yet. Saturday night we can begin worrying about the next game. Good Luck Todd Grantham and lets get out defense ready. Our next two games on the road will be very tough.