Saturday, October 23, 2010

I know what Ricky Stanzi did last summer

Spending the summer watching the latest box-office blockbusters (or flops) is de rigueur for most American young men of college age. Iowa's Ricky Stanzi, a.k.a.  America's Quarterback, spent more than enough time watching films as well. Though in his case they were more in the line of Hawkeye opponent's defensive lines than of Iron Man II and Inception.
Stanzi decided this summer to spend more time watching game film. The Iowa coaching staff provided him with films of each Hawkeye opponent on the 2010 schedule. To hear Stanzi explain it, there's more to studying game film than just watching the game.

“It’s easy to stop and start watching the game and the ball and you’re not even watching what you need to watch,” Stanzi said. “You really need to be in tune when you get into that film room.
“It’s definitely a mental exercise. You put the phone away. All the distractions and anything that can take your focus away, and you’re very critical with your eye and you kind of train yourself to do that.”

So it seems to have helped. Stanzi's stats have improved this year, to the point where he is the leader in Big Ten pass efficiency, and third in the nation. The extra due diligence studying film is also bound be noticed by NFL scouts and front office personnel when it comes to the 2011 NFL Draft.

(via Omaha World-Herald)

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