Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Finebaum compares Alabama victory over Florida to "waterboarding"

Ah Paul Finebaum, what a precocious man you are. When you're blowing Alabama's vuvuzela you can be a sight to behold. Your latest blurt of glory about the Crimson Tide's defeat over Florida must be shared with the rest of the class.
"Now that Alabama has waterboarded the Florida Gators, once considered their equal in the suddenly shaky SEC, and Nick Saban has surgically disemboweled Urban Meyer for the mantle of college football's top coach, what's next for the Tide to prove as it bides time on the road to Glendale?"
Comparing a victory to a form of torture? Nice job there, Finebaum. Because in doing so, you're comparing the Gators to a group of terrorists. Urban Meyer probably wouldn't be happy to hear how Finebaum is offhandedly comparing the Gators to America's enemies. On the other hand, no one has ever seen Nick Saban and Cobra Commander in the same place. So the Crimson Tide may not be as Red, White, and Blue as some fans might think.

(via al.com)


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All I got to say is, you're an idiot. Finebaum never once compared the Gators to terrorists, he compared the ass-kicking Alabama gave them to water-board torture. At the end of the article, Finebaum is saying is that Florida was held up like the crown jewel of the SEC and Alabama was just another team that got lucky and won the National Championship. You sound like a republican hick. With words as "America's Enemy", "terrorists", and "torture", you are just trying to add shock value to your article and get more hits on the web site. Even to go as far as calling the Alabama Crimson Tide not as "Red, White, and Blue" or (as you might as well said) "American" as we all think? This is bad writing on your part and for anyone to go as far as you did with something that is supposed to be about fun, family, and competition is just outrageous. You don't deserve to be a writer and you certainly don't deserve the publicity. Thank you. Enjoy watching Alabama beat the 'Cocks this weekend.