Thursday, October 14, 2010

Congratulations, Ole Miss. It's a bear.

Congratulations to Ole Miss for picking the most boring mascot possible. Students were given a choice between a bear, a land shark, and a goober is a spandex body stocking named Hotty Toddy as a replacement for Colonel Reb. Sadly, they picked the bear. Thus diminishing any kind of fun they could have had with a land shark possible. Ole Miss missed out in turning The Grove into a Parrothead paradise. Trust me, hearing "Margaritaville"after every touchdown would have been awesome. (Though the administration might have gotten a little too anal about that idea with the consumption of alcohol connotations. Maybe "Fins" would have been better.)
Meanwhile, check out this (hopefully) last word on the whole Colonel Reb/mascot controversy via  Red Cup Rebellion.  It pretty much is in line with the SWRT mantra about tradition being good when it links you to the past, but bad when it binds you to the past.

(via ESPN, Red Cup Rebellion)

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