Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Big Ten will someday regret making Iowa and Purdue innerdivisional rivals (if it hasn't already)

There are decisions made in sports that have led to nothing put pain. Decisions like baseball owners deciding to make Bud Selig Commissioner of Baseball. Or the NFL deciding that Jacksonville would make a dandy city for a football franchise. Or Georgia deciding that Ray Goff was the best choice to succeed Vince Dooley.
Such an event looks like it happened when the Big Ten decided that Purdue would be the best choice for Iowa's annual innerdivisional rival, despite the fact that most Hawkeye fans would rather have had Wisconsin as their permanent rival from the "X" Division. Anybody who watched last Saturday's game between Wisconsin and Iowa could see the kind of magic on the gridiron that college football would be missing as an annual event.
So now Iowa has to look forward to Purdue as their X Division/Big Ten East/Ro*Tel Division rival. Not that Purdue is a truly bad football school on the level of a Vanderbilt. It's just that things really haven't been that exciting since that Drew Brees guy graduated.
Sadly the Big Ten never took into consideration that Black Heart Gold Pants was an Iowa sports blog. Or what deviousness it could come up with having to make lemonade out of lemmings. Such as declarations of 1984-esque hatred like "We are at war with Purdue. We have always been at war with Purdue."  Or accusing rival SB Nation blog Hammer and Rails of communist leanings. Or this creative act of insurrection:

Gaze upon your decision, Jim Delany, and despair.

(via Black Heart Gold Pants)

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