Saturday, October 2, 2010

10 reasons why Ole Miss should adopt the Land Shark as its mascot

Shirts With Random Triangles would like to officially announce its endorsement of the Land Shark as the future mascot of Ole Miss. Here are the reasons why.

1. Ole Miss marching band can play "Margaritaville" after every touchdown.
2. Then again "Fins" might be more appropriate.
3. The Running Rebels could run out on the field with the theme from Jaws blaring from the PA system.
4. A bear as a mascot? Seriously? How's that worked out for Baylor?
5. What do you name a Land Shark? Archie, or course. 
6. The number of red and blue Hawaiian shirts that show up in the stands will grow exponentially.
7. "Hoddy Toddy" was a bad enough idea as two mascots. Merging them into one is even more hideous.
8. Megashark beat the Giant Octopus in that SyFy original movie. Yeah, the ending was kind of vague about which one survived, but he's going to fight Crocosarus in the sequel.
9. A Land Shark can't be more disturbing as a mascot than Bucky Badger , can it? 

10. Imagine this for a skit the next time Peyton Manning hosts Saturday Night Live: Pey-Pey is in his dressing room. Suddenly he gets a knock on the door. He asks "Who is it?" The response from outside is "Candygram." He opens the door and gets eaten by the Land Shark. Afterwards, the shark pops up, opens its mouth to reveal...Eli Manning! What Ole Miss fan wouldn't wan to see that?

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Anonymous said...

That is stupid. First, Jimmy Buffett is an alum of the University of SOUTHERN Mississippi and has no connection to Ole Miss. FinsUp to anyone living in Orlando/Tampa/Miami knows that is for the Jimmy Buffett Fan Club. Lastly, Land Shark Beer is from Margaritaville. By the way, Jimmy Buffett is a big supporter of the Univ. of Florida. I don't see any connection at all to Ole Miss.