Friday, September 17, 2010

Will the University Minnesota marching band serenade Lane Kiffin with "Rocky Top?"

There's a nice little unconfirmed rumor on Twitter that the University of Minnesota's marching band might be playing "Rocky Top" when the Golden Gophers go to USC this weekend to get under Lane Kiffin's skin a little. While this is worth a chuckle, it's doubtful that it will rattle a rattlesnake like Kiffin. Since lane has shed his frosted orange skin for a cardinal and gold one.
However, there a quite a few songs that would be more appropriate for the Golden Gophers to mock the Trojans with:

"Losing a Whole Year," Third Eye Blind
"I Fought the Law," the Bobby Fuller Four
"Give it Away," Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Take It Away," Paul McCartney
"Devil in Disguise," Elvis Presley
"Busted", Matchbox 20
"Money for Nothing," Dire Straits
"Liar Liar" The Castaways
And of course, anything by Milli Vanilli

(via Rocky Top Talk)

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