Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tyrod Taylor brings us a story of a football player and a cell phone not involving death threats

Just when you think idiots like Chris Rainey have jaded you when it comes to athletes and modern communications technology, along comes a story to prove that there is still hope out there. Virginia Tech quarterback Tyrod Taylor's father, Rodney Taylor was stopped in an airport by a family of Hokie fans who recognized him. One of the family's children, an eight year-old boy, was concerned for the younger Taylor's health after the game.
Rodney Taylor proceeded to call Tyrod  on his cell phone to let the boy hear from his idol personally that he would be all right, and was ready for this Saturday's game against NC State.
After hearing about the nasty "Time to die" incident, it's awesome to hear that sometimes athletes and cell phones can mix to make the world a better place.

(via dailypress.com, Gobbler Country)

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