Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This is what Barbara Dooley was wearing Saturday at the Vols' game. OUCH!

When I heard that Barbara Dooley went to son Derek Dooley's Tennessee debut in an orange and white outfit, I thought I could handle it. Derek is her son, and if wearing the shade of orange only less offensive than that of Florida and Alabama Polytechnic's Auburn's , so be it. Then I saw the pics of her and Vince at His Hairness' first post-game press conference.

AHHHHH! THE PAIN! (Rushes to kitchen to stick forks in eyes.)
This is Dr. Evil Michael Adams' fault! I know it is somehow! At least she didn't bring out the orange feather boa as an accessory.
His Hairness, meanwhile, was a little more conservatively dressed for the Vol Walk.

Lane Kiffin wishes he could look as sharp as that. He did switch into a more casual look for the game, however.

Not bad. I kind of wished Dooley had worn his hat to the game though. But check out that fugly orange and white checkered belt Peyton Manning is wearing. The only work I can think of to say is...Dude.
(via Go Vols Xtra)

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