Sunday, September 5, 2010

Now you can have your own Derek Dooley hat...sort of.

Tennessee fans have been clamoring for their own personal version of Derek Dooley's now famous Tilley Airflow hat with the "Power T" logo ever since His Hairness  wore his now famous  on the practice field. The trouble is that it was a custom job, produced when Vol's equipment manager Roger Frazier added the "T" logo to the separately purchased hat.
Now fashionable Volunteer fans, or at least those obsessed in wearing frosted orange, can have a knockoff version of the Derek Dooley hat of their own. Bacon & Company has teamed with the University of Tennessee to produce an embroidered version of the Tilley Airflow with a round logo with a "Power T" on it.

The logo is not quite the same as the orange football with white "Power T" as Dooley wears. But he's His Hairness, and you're not. Rank does has its privileges.
The only place that the hat was found to be available online was on the website for River Sports Outfitters for $79.00. And yes, they're calling it the  "Tilley Dooley LTM6 Airflow Nylamtium Hat."
The non Dooley-fied version is also available for $72.00, in case you want the hat, but would rather put a chainsaw to the top of your head than anything with a Tennessee logo on it.

(via WBIR)

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