Saturday, September 18, 2010

No, beating Georgia doesn't get Ryan Mallett back on the Ryan List

For those who keep up with Shirts With Random Triangles regularly, you may have noticed the slash mark in Arkansas quarterback (and Johan Van Der Sloot lookalike) Ryan Mallett's first name whenever his named is mentioned on this blog. That's due to the fact that he's a touch on the overrated side; being highly touted last year, while Arkansas lost to Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Ole Miss, and LSU last year.
You see, "Ryan" is a name for winners, heroes, and champions. Like Nolan Ryan, Ryan Braun, Ryan Howard, Ryan Sheckler, Matt Ryan, and Ryan Conklin. Behind those guys, Mallett just doesn't cut it.
So now that Arkansas has beaten the team formerly known as the Georgia Bulldogs, will that get him back on the list? No, because there were a lot of factors in that loss:

1. Georgia wide receiver Vidkun Quisling A.J. Green still suspended.
2. Team still in mourning for UGA VII.
3. Mark Richt busy updating his resumé,  and looking for homes in Bristol, CT on his iPad.
4. Georgia looking forward to upcoming road game loss to Mississippi St.
5. Georgia AD Greg McGarity down at Athens police station bailing out two more Georgia players.

Besides, Ryan Mallett will always have this to live down to:

That's enough to keep him off the Ryan List permanently.

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