Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is Purdue cursed by makeover of Purdue Pete?

Purdue's athletic programs have been ravaged by injuries since the start of the year. This includes the season-ending injuries to Purdue men's basketball star Robbie Hummel, and now starting quarterback Robert Marve.
Is there something sinister behind all of this schadenfreude at Purdue? Some are pointing out that the injuries started racking up when school decided it was time to give Freudian nightmare-inducing semi-official mascot Purdue Pete a makeover to make him less Freudian nightmarish. It seems he was scaring the children way too much.
The new, safe-for-children version for Purdue Pete is scheduled to be unveiled in the Spring of 2011. Until then, no male athlete's ACL or MCL is safe. Hide your forwards, hide your quarterbacks.

(via Purdue Outsider, Hammer and Rails)

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