Monday, September 13, 2010

Is Alabama's Marcell Dareus being "full metal jacket" a good thing or a bad thing?

Alabama defensive end Marcell Dareus is coming off of a two-game NCAA suspension for improper contact with an agent. Crimson Tide head football coach Nick Saban says Dareus is ready to go for Saturday's road game against Duke. But he had a pretty peculiar way of doing it

"In Marcell's case, it's just full metal jacket," Saban said. "He's ready to play. Hopefully he'll do a great job for us."

Uh, Coach Saban, is dropping Full Metal Jacket references a really good idea? I'm sure you think of yourself as being Gunnery Sergeant Hoffman, but do you really want to end up like him? You'd better hope Dareus is more Private Joker then Private Pyle there.

(via, Tuscaloosa News)

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