Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Derek Dooley: Like Father, like son? Think about it.

Derek Dooley may have gotten a lot his character traits from his mother, or at least his hair care tips. But when it comes time for push to come to shove on Saturday, it will be how much is His Hairness is like his daddy, legendary coach Vince Dooley.
Derek Dooley is already beginning to show one of his dad's legendary traits, though. That would be Vince's ability to play up any opponent as a threat to his team, no matter how big of a cupcake they were. Take for example this recent  comments about opening weekend opponent Tennessee-Martin.

"They've won a championship," he said. "They've gone to the playoffs. Right there, you know because of their success you're going to be up against something.
"This will be their biggest game of the year. I know there are probably a lot of players on their team who are probably not happy that Tennessee didn't want them. So we expect them to play their best.
"And their best is good enough to beat us."

Like father, like son? Think about it.

(via Go Vols Xtra, Rocky Top Talk)

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