Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dawgageddon: Yellow streak down Georgia's back growing

Earlier this week Georgia canceled a home-and-home series against Oregon. The reason given was that new Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity favors a seven home games a year schedule. And dropping a trip to Oregon helps him achieve that.
Now word come out that Georgia agreed to future games with teams from the FCS. The Dawgs will play Charleston Southern in 2014, and Georgia Southern in 2016. In other words, Georgia fans who pay through the nose for season tickets will have to pay loads of money to see UGA play low-caliber opponents at home.
And don't expect it to get any better. Because playing actual BCS contenders outside of the SEC doesn't seem to be in McGarity's interest. He thinks Georgia's SEC schedule and Georgia Tech are strong enough to be BCS contenders every year.
What the move really says is that Georgia is backsliding again. Becoming a team that once again rarely leaves the friendly confines of the South to play a regular season football game. No longer will UGA have the guts to go to and play relevant programs like Arizona and Oklahoma State. And Mark Richt seems to be okay with this.
"Playing that kind of game does draw attention," Richt said. "It does get you on the other side of the country, but do we really recruit over there? We really don’t."
It's sad to say this, but Mark Richt has officially lost his manhood. And judging from McGarity's comments, he possibly never had any. McGarity's a coward if he doesn't want to see Georgia play quality non-SEC opponents. And he makes Georgia look cowardly in not playing them. It might as well replace UGA with a poodle.

(via Athens Banner-Herald)


Anonymous said...

I think you just hit the nail on the head. Georgia is hiring Athletic Directors and Coaches who are sub par, therefore their programs will be sub par. RISE UP GEORGIA FANS !!!

disappointed ga fan said...

Not since I was at UGA '87-'91 did I feel so disgusted with the lack of direction and fire in my bulldawgs. Where has our drive gone? Maybe it's time for a new athletic director as well as new assistant coaches. Bobo was never a great QB and now he's trying to coach? My high school football team could take on these dawgs and prob. win. Where's the Defense? Who is this Def. coach? Man I miss Martinez! Richt- I'm still a fan, but where is YOUR passion for the game? Shaking your head on the side lines with a seemingly "aw shucks- we just gotta do a little better boys" attitude is not what the SEC is built on. C'mon- maybe we need to pull out the black jerseys again? Maybe we need to rush the endzone again and jump up and down when we actually score a TD and then have the balls to say" yeah we did it- get over it!" and not apologize for it. C'mon guys this has become way too familiar again- just like it was when I was there back in '87.