Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dawgageddeon: What's Mark Richt thinking?

"I picked up Greg McGarity's iPhone. Why does he have Chris Petersen's agent on speed dial?"

"Mississippi State has a million cowbells, and I'm stuck with one ding-a-ling...A.J. Green"

"Make that two ding-a-lings. Almost forgot about Mike Bobo."
 "The Redcoat Marching Band was playing "Hot in Here" before the game. I've got to ask the band director about that. "

"I wonder if Sonny Seiler could teach UGA VIII to fetch the tee like Boise State Tee Dog can?."

"Loran Smith tried to cheer me up and told me about this "Keep Mark Richt" website he'd heard about. I didn't have the heart to tell him it was set up by a Gator Fan."

"Gotta remember to remind Dr. Adams that I'm pretty much the reason he wasn't ran out of town when he fired Vince Dooley."

"Had that dream about Christian Ponder last night. Gotta stop thinking about whether I should've stayed at FSU or not."

"Willie Martinez keeps leaving me messages about how things are going out in Stanford."

"A.J. Green asked me for who he should do a paper on for history class. I suggested Vidkun Quisling."

"Dr. Adams has Chris Petersen's agent on speed dial too. What's that all about?"

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